Japan's FY2021 greenhouse gas emissions up for 1st time in 8 years


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The G7 ministers on energy, climate and environment issues vowed following their two-day meeting in April in Japan to accelerate efforts toward phasing out fossil fuels and expanding the use of renewable energies as they seek to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.


We intend to make your lives miserable, and have you believe

that it's for "the greater good", so you can believe your unnecessary

suffering has a point.

Why not wake up to the fact that the main carbon footprints these globalists

want to do away with, are yours.

3000 privately owned farms in The Netherlands

(that serve to help feed Europe) are being shut down, forcing the farmers to sell

off their land, and forbidding them to start up elsewhere, under the guise of "climate control".

Is the picture getting any clearer?

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That’s ok, china is pouring it out faster than you can suppress yours, it’s pointless

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So what? This is not the problem the alarmists, with their continuously wrong predictions, make it out to be.

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Japan needs to introduce genetically modified rice varieties that do not require paddies to be flooded to yield well. Flooded rice paddies are the worst source of methane, by far.

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The Kyoto agreement, which entered into force in 2005, has since been superseded by the Paris Agreement, but remains only a historic landmark in the international fight against climate change.

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Covid recovery and more new Coal power generation!

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Anyone still care about Kyoto Protocol?

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