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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo. Image: kpw/PIXTA

Japan's FY2022 food self-sufficiency at 38%, still near record low


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the rate was 58%, down 5 percentage points from fiscal 2021, the lowest among comparable data available since 1965,

Less working people which produce less food that another achievement of J govt, lowest one since 1965. Japan just increasing of importing food, which is really dependent on currency exchange, weaker yen means more expensive imported food.

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Yet Japan continues to export record amounts of food products?


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And yet, the Ministry of Agriculture, in its infinite wisdom (sarcasm) is discouraging local agricultural production and is offering ¥150,000 per cow slaughtered in Hokkaido to reduce dairy production. The point being that they can cut deals for wealthy "friends" Toyota, etc., for other countries to buy Japanese cars, etc., in exchange for which, Japan buys their agricultural products.

This is a mess of worms. What is going to happen if there is a dustup nearby and Japan is unable to produce enough food to feed its people?

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good thing there are plenty of bugs to eat.

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Some ideas to help Japan's A' culture industry . . . recruit Nikkei farmers from overseas, South & North Americas . . . develop offshore farming on some of the many smaller islands of Japan . . . rather than expanding new areas for housing, redevelop old abandoned areas . . . . make sure farmers have what they need to stay in business (govt subsidies) . . . .

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Less than 60% is a serious situation that needs to be tackled.

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Well that's what happens LDP when you abandon the people in the countryside and overemphasize the urban centers, can't cry about it now.

Would be great if you put some sustsinable projects into play but somehow that doesn't seem likely, as LDP seems only interested in quick easy money i.e. Olympics, buying weapons, etc.

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Japan hasn't reached 60% since 1970.

Japan's international tastes have broadened a little since then I suppose. There are immense amounts of overgrown hatake in the country now, but I guess they aren't commercially viable. The inoshishi love them though.

A Canadian friend of mine makes a decent living from small plots of specialized crops; fresh organic herbs such as oregano, tarragon, basil etc. Various types of waxy spuds, Scotch Bonnet and reaper peppers, original stuff like that which he sells at the 道の駅 and flea markets for a decent price. I think that could be something that local farmers could do instead of the usual crops which are overproduced and almost given away at this time of year.

If they ever develop a serious taste for cheese or pies they'll be in real trouble.

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Food security in Japan: Building a strategy in an age of global competition


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I may be incorrect, but I think Japan's self-sufficiency rate was actually above 70% in the 1960s.

In any event, it's definitely not a good situation right now. At the same time, not a lot of people want to do farming. I remember reading about an old farmer in Hokkaido who's kids didn't want to inherit his business, so the guy found someone to take it over for free. I think a major part of the problem is that apparently their methods remain largely analog compared to that of the US wherein automation is the standard.

Thanks to Japan's partners and trade agreements, I'm not that worried, but this is definitely something they should consider as a serious priority going forward, especially as opposed to trying to one-up silicon valley with half-baked software.

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at a time Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a major producer of grains, and the COVID-19 pandemic are posing risks to a secure food supply.

Neither of which made any difference at all to Japans ability to feed itself.

Yes in the past Japanese used to eat rice 3 times a day. Now they have a more varied diet. Japan is a rich country, when food is priced on an open market, it won't be Japan missing out.

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Kill JA; split it up and privatize it. Remove all restrictions that hamper farmers and farm expansion and for goodness sake join the 21st century and allow farmers to grow GM crops.

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Japan is so food-safe! I love Japan! Keep it up!

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Not my business as long as I can buy quality locally produced food for most of my stuff. Can afford it, so no problem, I work hard you see, maybe 65 hours a week average.

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