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Japan's large Pacific bluefin tuna catch limit to be raised in 2024


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On of the most unsustainable fish you can eat.

It's like eating lions - like tuna, they are apex predators. It just wouldn't make any sense to eat lions as it would very rapidly lead to their extinction and the collapse of the eco system (a trophic cascade)

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We need a bit of a biology lesson to understand what this shift means. I'll guess that the larger Bluefin are breeding age so Japanese consumers will soon be eating more Momma and Pappa Bluefin.

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Anyone who has ever eaten tuna (maguro) sushi or sashimi can tell you that it is one of the greatest tasting foods you will ever eat. In Hawaii the tuna is often grilled, and it's always served rare. THAT is some good eating. As for the Pacific Ocean, that's where Japan is so that's the fish they catch. If anyone is worried about its healthiness it is a waste of time. It is just as good as eating from the Atlantic Ocean or any other. Freshly caught tuna is a joy in my life. I eat it whenever I can. (No canned tuna for me. Ever.)

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Bluefin tuna have been farned raised from eggs to and shipped to market by Kindai University for years now. Advancements in aquaculture can keep the wild populations at a sustainable level.

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Sounds like a position on the  Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission is probably quite lucrative. It's gonna be a nice Christmas for commission members this year!

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Japan and China both wanting fishing rights...in small Pacific Islands...in exchange for money probably given to politicians

Need to look at the sustainability of fishing, world wide....its not an open envelope...fish species do become extinct....and local based operators suffer in the long run.

Australia recently banned a Dutch vessel from operating net based fishing on a super/industrial scale in the seas around western Australia and Antartica.

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The only safe Bluefin now is the Atlantic and Mediterranean varieties.

Don't touch anything from the Pacific Ocean.

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Due to the high uptake of environmental contaminants in tuna, I avoid consuming it.


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