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Japan's moon lander comes back to life


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This is the way to go. No need to shoot humans up there when you can have robots (soon with AI, so equal to human decision making)

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The big challenge for JAXA is to get the H3 up and operational as there are only two more H2A rockets planned before that program is shut down.

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Glad they were able to get it going again. Better luck on the landing next time, JAXA. 

This is good news for a change, we need this.

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Right On. Keep moving forward!

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All know battery's getting low feeling...Big MOON Relief!

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Excellent news. Huge relief!

But, hey, crack a smile fellahs! (These guys don't look they are over the moon.)

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OK, a lowest possible quality picture of the surface, and now what? It's just like throwing a little stone into a river and hoping for a fish being hit and that fish then jumps into your hungry hands. You wouldn't try to catch fish this way or would you?

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Japan's moon lander comes back to life…

よかった! :)

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Lots of negatives being handed out. Why?

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IT'S ALIVE, IT'S ALIVE yahuuuuu, Congratulations .

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Looking forward to the sharing of a wealth of information. This is indeed good news.

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Great news!

Despite being at the wrong angle, the mission achieved its main objective of landing within 100m of the target, and getting even more data on top of this is a great bonus. According to other reports, it would've been much closer than 55m away (I read within 3m) were it not for engine trouble, so it looks like the underlying navigation tech is sound even if some of the engineering failed, which is very encouraging.

Here's hoping they learn a ton of useful stuff for future landings - both for JAXA and Artemis.

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Good show, JAXA! Keep up the good work.

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All those days I used to go to the JAXA building at 3AM: good times! Nice to see this achievement. Per aspera ad astra!

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GO JAPAN!!!...

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Good !

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Marvellous. Lots of doomers were jibbing the Japanese for their apparent failure last week. lol.

Glad to see JAXA got SLIM up and running

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