MSDF vessel departs carrying aid to disaster-stricken Tonga


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Good on Japan and the MSDF. This aid - particularly the fresh water - will be greatly appreciated by all across the Kingdom.

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“Thank You” for your efforts, JMSDF and “Godspeed”.

The efforts of the 300 people aboard will be greatly appreciated.

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Stay safe and be safe. Over 62% of Tonga residents have been fully vaccinated. 71% at least one jab so far.

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I am totally unable to understand the reasoning of some readers who seem to downvote everything. How could humanitarian aid to those in need possibly be bad?

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Not exactly rapid response, 9 days after the eruption but good to hear nonetheless, there is no doubt Tonga and surrounding islands need all the help they can get..

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Carrying other people water as usual, dress up in their little suit in conformity

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