Osaka governor asks residents to refrain from making non-essential outings


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Good luck with that governor.

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When will the Japanese government take their heads out of the sand and realize that you must order people not to go out, not ask them nicely. Jeez!!

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What’s a weekend going to do? I’m no expert; I’m just reading the news. From what I gather, you need a few weeks to make a dent in this and buy time. Seems to me we do not get daily reports here in Osaka but I hope the government is reassessing daily. I fear we will be in lockdown soon but it’ll be too late to control it.

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I feel the same way about the soft approach Japan is taking to contain the spread the the coronavirus. It’s dangerous.

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Needs some plans and tuff decisions soon, as Golden Week is coming up. For me it really does not sound like a good plan to have everyone rushing back to there hometowns.

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I’m thinking Americans here have a lockdown obsession. Similar to their burn-the-house-down attitude.

Japanese people, please ignore them.

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I’m thinking Americans here have a lockdown obsession. Similar to their burn-the-house-down attitude.

One extreme or the other. Go take a look at all of the spring breakers and hikers.

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They announced this yesterday evening... way too late, I read the news in English and Japanese but someone else told me about it.

So now I'm at work waiting for a customer to come in. There were plenty of other people walking round too. I doubt any of the shops are going to be shut either.

And on Monday they expect everyone to come to work still. It's beyond ridiculous

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Osaka governor asks residents to refrain from making non-essential outings

And yet school and university club activities continue...

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Japan reported more than 100 fresh cases of coronavirus infections on Friday, including 20 cases in Osaka, according to Kyodo.

100 new cases makes little sense without the number of pcr test performed. Without which it is difficult to grasp the spread of the virus.

What is so difficult displaying the number of test performed against the number of infections.

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Tokyo actually only tests about 100 people a day.

A lockdown is good to enjoy quiet time at home, but it is not a solution. It creates a lot of additional privy. In my country, domestic violence has surged, alcoholism certainly too, then I am pretty sure the number of elderlies dying alone in their place will increase. And some people can be subject to depression . The J government knows that

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Of course, the ones who really don't care if they catch the virus or not, nothing will stop them from venturing out. Can't say they were not warned either, but their own selfishness may cost someone else their life.

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When Governor Yoshimura pays me to stay to stay at home, then I will.

Otherwise, I have no choice but to go to work in order to survive. And that means the weekend (today) governor!

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When Japan makes it law (meaning not for a few more months of "debate"), then I will. Until then, I won't. I am fortunate in that I can do a certain amount of work at home, but other work I cannot, and while that is essential and he is talking about non-essential, it still needs to be made law and enforced. Tokyo has finally put up the cones and plastic rods to keep people out of parks for cherry blossoms, with one lowly guard in front (at least based on the pic), but still not enough. Declare a lockdown, and THEN I will not go out.

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And meanwhile, schools are set to reopen in... a week?

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Here is a funny thing. My son's school baseball coach called and asked why he has not been at practice this month. He told me it was mandatory for him to attend. I told him to go pound sand as school is cancelled. Then he had the PTA obaachan call my wife. I took the phone and told her the same.

Few are really taking this seriously. All over Miyazaki people are having hanami parties and gathering around the Oyodou River parks. The golf and tennis resorts are having tournaments. I have a feeling this could be the next epicenter in Japan.

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Can I have an order of URGE and three sides of REFRETTABLES...

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Your son is being drilled and trained to obey in the baseball team.Unless he is a prodigy then the countless hours of ball throwing mean absolutely zilch going onto university or a job...

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