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Pandemic deaths in Japan low, but future success uncertain


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Corona mortality rate has definitely been proven to be equal if not inferior to flu... and it was determined also by and equipe of Japanese researchers! Wake up!

"....and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season" refer to https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2018-2019.html

In less than half a year, before end of May, the USA covid 19 death toll already surpassed 100,000. Literally almost 3 times and at a shorter period than the flu's death toll. Link https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/27/us-coronavirus-deaths-toll-1000000

I'm baffled by the unscientific & lack of fact-based statement by some of the commenters here.

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In Japan, corona stories such as daily numbers no longer deserve headline. Speaking of fatality, more people will die of other causes than of the virus infection. In coming summer season, heat stroke will become more life-threatening. Not to mention, economic difficulty would take many lives and livelihoods.

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laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh out out out out out out loud loud loud loud?

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trillions of yen (trillions of dollars) 

The article could use some editing. Trillions of Yen are not the same as trillions of Dollars.

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I feel you. I'm not in the stay home crowd. I just don't want to be dictated on how I drink or play. I'm absolutely sick if it and I am being honest with every Japanese person I meet asking me to wear a mask. They don't even follow who standard on how to use a mask. They take it off and put it on and fiddle with it all day. It's disgusting.

I mean, when you sneeze in a tissue you don't put that tissue back in your face all day. It's disgusting.

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Because there is no way exhaled vapor can go around that small piece of plexiglass.

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if you have experienced weird cold, fever, loss of smell, bloody eyes, cough, difficulties breathing in the last 6 months please vote plus else please vote minus.

Well, since this all started here, we had to purchase the 87% alcohol, graciously produced by our local awamori distillery, for "disinfecting" purposes, figured I would try to avoid contracting the virus by ingesting the disinfectant internally, as it is supposed to kill the virus on contact, and I got hooked on mixing it with shikwasa juice here in Okinawa!

Every Saturday and Sunday, I have been experiencing symptoms, of headaches, bloodshot eyes, nausea, general fatigue, no appetite, and loss of sense of smell and blurred eye sight as well!

Generally speaking the above mentioned symptoms disappear after a day or two of drinking a lot of "sports drinks" and eating greasy ramen, and , depending upon the number of glasses of "disinfectant" I have consumed .....

.......should I get tested?

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if you have experienced weird cold, fever, loss of smell, bloody eyes, cough, difficulties breathing in the last 6 months please vote plus else please vote minus.

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So, until Japan has reached the one million mark regards to testing I will feel absolutely safe in this country.

I would suggest looking for flights then

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Missing from the title: ...,despite the utter fiasco from the Japanese government.

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@triring I agree with you on everything except for the fear mongering piece part. And actually I agree with you to an extent on that part as well, just not that it’s entirely a fear mongering piece, because there are legitimate concerns, but those were not fear mongers. But everything else, like I said, I agree with you.

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Japan could have been like (the U.S. or Europe) if infections had overshot at the beginning," he said.

Another article that would be good for outside consumption.

How would it had overshot when testing was stubbornly not being performed.

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The government has revised its testing guidelines and is setting up dozens of testing stations, introducing quick test kits for early detection. 

Doesn't mean it would lead to increased testing quite the contrary will happen, with the present setup where everything is determined by the health centers testing will never increase even if test kits the yield results on the spot exist.

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Omi and other experts say widespread use of masks to fend off allergies and prevent sharing colds; the Japanese custom of bowing instead of shaking hands or hugging; a taboo on wearing shoes inside homes and a highly accessible, affordable public health system all helped.

Tired of this baseless, unfounded and unfounded reasons that are being churned out. Lets debug it, the mortality rate is lower in Africa so what is the reason ? It is clearly not the reasons being parroted for the low Japan rate.

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highly accessible, affordable public health system

ummmm, I think they mean inaccessible?


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I still have great doubts abt the figures.

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Do not forget this pandemic is nowhere near over and many other countries still have NOT slowed infection rates and death.

Drop your guard and caution too soon and everything goes back to the start.

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Japan could have been like (the U.S. or Europe) if infections had overshot at the beginning," he said.

Once again, the use of a stupid meaningless word to describe a spike in infections!

You have to have a target or starting/ending point to "overshoot" anything! Another cliche in a long list of them that come from Abe and company to make things look ad sound better than they actually are!

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That picture. I rather stay home than Do that. Meaningless

Brother/Sister - I feel you, but please go out and enjoy with your friends even under these circumstances. It's better than being locked inside. When the rules in my area are relaxed I plan to eat yakinikku and get blinded :-) This will pass in a couple years. Kampai - Cheers - Salute!

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To paraphrase the headline... "the future is uncertain". Thank you Captain Obvious! My future-predicting magic crystal ball was fully operational until COVID19 came along. Now I don't know what tomorrow holds - mendokusai ne!!! This article should be listed in the gardening section as "sowing the seeds of uncertainty".

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Corona mortality rate has definitely been proven to be equal if not inferior to flu... and it was determined also by and equipe of Japanese researchers! Wake up!

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More testing means the mortality rate is much lower. Kinda takes the wind out if the 'more testing' argument.

There is clearly something wrong with how the numbers of fatalities are collected in the US and maybe London too. It's been confirmed that hospitals received more cash by declaring COVID deaths even when it wasn't the primary cause of death.

Time to repair all the damage that the lockdowns caused.

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beg the question of whether it can prevent future waves of infections.

Oh come on, journalist. Now that the US and UK are showing us that large scale mass gatherings with zero social distancing are just fine (and even cheered on by our media, and even ICU hospital staff ), are you still worried about Corona? That is un-woke.

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Mountaingrill is right. Many factors are deciding the statistics. Let's not forget how some states in America were putting covid-19 patients in nursing homes. A terrible practice which increased the numbers greatly. I have two friends whose grandmother's both died in nursing homes because some one was infected in the nursing home. They weren't even allowed to see them. And the test that have been proven to to be accurate. And hospitals were putting people dying of. Other causes as covid-19 to get the Medicare money.

Hell even George Floyd tested positive for covid-19 so I guess the hospital gets money for that as well.

Lots of scams and malpractice.

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Another reason is that Japan has one of, if not the lowest, rate of obesity in the world. There are mounds of data that suggest obese people are muh more likely to have severe symptoms and die than people who are of healthy weight.

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Basically a fear mongering piece if you ask me.

The virus has been in Japan for the past 6 months for sure. In which the first three month it was completely left unchecked.

With no sky rocketing death tolls so it can be safely presumed that the number of afflicted with the virus did not rise.

The alternative theory would be the virus did afflict many but most all did not show serious symptoms and got cured naturally.

Whichever the case, it's not going to be a serious threat for the time being.

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The four day rule and the lack of testing mean that the actual number of cases is without doubt much higher. However, although the cases maybe higher, it still appears that symptoms are not as extreme as places such as Europe, US and now Brazil.

With the death rate its not just Japan that has dodged the bullet, most East Asian and South East Asian countries all show a low number of cases and low percentage of deaths. Including China considering the size of the population. Something is different, but there must be more at play here than just wearing masks, not hugging and taking your shoes off.

It has been said that there may be a natural immunity to corona virus in this part of the world because corona virus usually originate in China. There may be something to this. Whats more, there appears to be a strong correlation with between death rates and obesity.

Japan has been very quick to claim its low rates are the result of its Japanese behavior. This is arrogant and small minded, and implies that ultimately people are responsible for their sickness and death from this virus.

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Omi has acknowledged the actual number of infections could be 10 or 20 times, or more, the health ministry's tally of nearly 17,000.

If that being the case, Japan's fatality rate on Covid-19 must go further down.

Most people get through up to recovery without symptoms without any treatment; even their family members/neighbors infected also end up without any health problem. That's most likely scenario. Only high-risk groups of people have a chance to worsen with infection, thus healthcare systems should put priority on them. We don't need a lockdown-style of restrictions.

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That picture. I rather stay home than Do that. Meaningless

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