A cruise ship heads to Hakata port in Kyushu. Photo: Wikipedia

Japan's ports bustling with foreign cruise passengers


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That sounds great, make holidays and vacations NOT WAR!

Everyone in China, Japan, and The Korea’s should all just go party in each other’s countries, make friends and then sign a peace out.

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The 75,000 ton Superstar Virgo stopped off in Yokohama last year, as well but it was off the boat in the morning and back on in the evening, not a lot of time for sightseeing and of course shopping.

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"An official of the bureau expressed bewilderment, saying, "How come there was such a sharp rise?"

Obviously, not a clued up official then.....

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It's gone the other way in Venice. They want to stop the cruise liners due to problems with mass tourism and the pollution they create. "Venetians regularly protest against the huge cruise ships docking in the city, but mass tourism is not the only problem they bring – the toxic air they pump out is harmful to locals and visitors alike. "


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raise the prices! tax them more! hurry!

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Don't raise tax or prive. They will visi Japan again. Japan's local economy will boost, too.

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That's a cruise ship? Looks more like a floating 1960s block of flats. Yuk!

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Sharp rise. Because world now trust Japan will not become war happy country.

Neighboring Korea and China must be seeing the same result.

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Cruises are one of the worst incentives for local economies. The biggest profit is for the cruise company, because tourist rarely want or have time to spend much money where they stop. They may buy the occasional souvenir or -in the case of Chinese tourists- drugstore goods, but they don't go to regular shops, restaurants or hotels.

And these ships never stop the engine at the port!

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Plenty of cruise ships stop here in Wellington. Speaking to a cafe owner mate of mine, he tends to get a few of them stop in for lunch or coffee.

The tourist attractions get their fair share, and a few people even do the odd winery tour etc.

Overall a positive for us but would not surprise if the average spend was not that high.

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