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Japan's push for telework hoped to ease traffic during Olympics


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But experts say many companies remain reluctant to spend on video teleconference systems and other necessary infrastructure.

Ever heard of a web camera? I'm sure any employee would be glad to buy it themselves (if they don't have one already) if it means they can work from home. And obviously, there is that thing called the smartphone.

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Video telephones, yes. I think that is the future. But, Idk about this world wide web deal. I think it's just a fad. One click shopping pffft.

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@darknutsJuly 23  Who uses fax machines? This isn't the 90s.

1) All media agencies to notify press about talent/ celebrity resignations, affairs, marriages, divorces, etc.,

2) Most building security offices to send parking/access permission for delivery companies

3) Hardware and office supply outlets to notify customers of weekly special offers

It is quite an efficient method, as long as you are in the office to pick up the paper.

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I can see this campaign having the same impact and success as 'Premium Friday'. - ZERO!

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And you wonder why JAL is Japan's second best airline and will never be world class?

I don't wonder that at all. I've flown JAL three times in the past month aone, and while I like ANA more, JAL is better than the huge majority of airlines out there. Definitely world class.

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Who uses fax machines? This isn't the 90s.

@darknuts: You have obviously never been to Japan. ;)

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@Mike James, I think it means that they are going to school and she then starts working.

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Wow. And you wonder why JAL is Japan's second best airline and will never be world class? JAL has no real international reputation, and the people awho work there, mostly government dinosaurs and those who could not get a job at ANA or at Spirit, are just a little slow? Read her comments:

'"Usually I come home late. But by using telework, it is easier to secure time for communication with my children," said Horio, sending her three children out for the day.'


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It all comes down to a rigid work structure and the feeling of being in a group. My guess a lot of workers would be uncomfortable working on their own despite the obvious benefits. Managers who are managers purley on time served would be lost with out the mandatory adulation demanded from staff. And who would they drink with?

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I see a business opportunity for 'telecommuting offices' or offices placed near train stations everywhere, where people can work from an office environment complete with high speed internet and printers (maybe even faxes! lol), for a monthly rental fee. Saves the employee coming into the office, but keeps them away from distractions at home. And they could even have face to face communication with other people in the 'office'

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Oh, and on a rather scary side of this, I can imagine some companies forcing this on to their employees, not as a way to keep traffic down, or to cooperate with the Olympics and what not, but as a way to get MORE out of their overworked employees than they do now.

It could be used to have them work from home, and then not pay for it because they aren't in the office. And with the way many salary-men think,and their dedication to their jobs, they will cooperate in silence!

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First off, it's ironic to me that the "Japan Fan Club" members here are not jumping up and down with joy praising the government for this initiative! Japan being so far ahead of the world in using new tech and what not!

NOT and big time too! They can't, because they would look dumb, plain and simple.

Invest in "video phones"? That's NTT getting their last gasps with that outdated tech pushing their own agenda there. Fax machines, incredible that they still exist at all. Far too many businesses here are in the dark age when it comes to utilizing current technology.

Everyone has their new smart-phones, but have nearly zero ability to use them for anything other texting or checking out You-Tube.

The biggest fear of these companies is that they will loose control, will have to give more freedom to their employees and will only allow this as a one time/one off kind of thing to show their cooperation with Clan Abe and once the Olympics are over, back to normal.

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Also, working in an office gives you free aircon.... something you really appreciate when you don't have one working back at home.

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In the past the Company I last worked for, tried the teleworking thing, though due to the expense of having the hardware & associated security in Japan, consolidated everything overseas making it nigh on impossible to work from home - even though the office was quite literally a few miles away. Short sightedness in my view, but someone in management needed to tick a box off a list. Were I be fortunate enough to find work again, I'd jump at the chance to do it again - there are caveats though - one of which is if you have a Family, then disruptions can be unwelcome and potentially cause friction.

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But you don’t get paid overtime for telework.

Also I agree divorce rate will sky rocket, many japanese wives don’t allow husbands to return before midnight.

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If it does work, the divorce rate will likely skyrocket.

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Another initiative that won't work. Can there be any dead horses left to flog?

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@jcapan - Yes, I've heard faxing reports back and forth to one another is highly efficient.

Faxing in Windows XP, of course. I actually had a company ask me to fax details to them earlier this year.

Yeah, telework and telecommunication is possible, but only for a small few. The reality is, the Olympics will be a commuter’s nightmare and there will no escape. Thankfully, being a private high school English teacher means I will be on summer vacation and will not have participate in the mega-crush during the Olympic Games

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I don't know how many companies and institutions will introduce and follow this telework system but I think it's good for Japan to be introduced. Less pollution and less stresses, definitely!

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Maybe Yuko Hori’s ‘video telephone’ system is a relic from ‘back in the day’ that the company still has in place.

But, I’m the end, it’s all about face time (not the Apple product) at work, and unless each desk has an iPad-on-a-stick which displays real-time video of the person who’s absent, I don’t think ‘telework’ is going to get off the ground.

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In a country that many homes still have a fax machine.... This doesn't surprise me that Japanese companies can be so backwards = video telephones??? There are many third party vendors you can use on your laptop, plus you don't need a video during conference calls, just voice. It a wonder how Japan used to be so innovative what happened Japan???

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This isn't going to work, just like premium Friday fail.

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No no no. There can be no benefit claimed by employees or corporate Japan will never implement it. Nobody cares that if you telework you can actually see your kids.

Focus on the benefits to the company only, then you might get it.

Usually I come home late. But by using telework, it is easier to secure time for communication

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Why not give staff annual leave? You know, holidays from work that aren't compulsory public holidays.

This is the inverse of the many poorly enforced laws and ordinances in Japan. Rights or benefits that virtually no one uses. Practices are so often in direct conflict with what's on paper.

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Yes, I've heard faxing reports back and forth to one another is highly efficient.

Who uses fax machines? This isn't the 90s.

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Why not give staff annual leave? You know, holidays from work that aren't compulsory public holidays.

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Video telephones? What hardware are they thinking of? Laptops almost always have built-in cameras and usb webcams are cheap.

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Work at night and sleep during the day. Given the 40C with +80% humidity they could practice it now

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Yes, I've heard faxing reports back and forth to one another is highly efficient.

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