Japan's traffic accident deaths drop to record low in 2020


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Cars are getting safer. Hooray!

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With a rise in the number of vehicle owners and drivers, traffic deaths again exceeded the 10,000 mark in 1988 before declining again due to more extensive safety education for inexperienced drivers.

I didn't catch up time and never knew that the numbers have since continued to drop far below 10,000 (which is the alarmist figures I actually was taught and warned at driving school)

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many drivers are sitting at home without income for months so no reason to drive or spend for fuel if not really necessary....?

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Japan's traffic deaths dropped to a record low of 2,839 in 2020, falling below 3,000 for the first time since comparable data became available in 1948.

People will go travel around because of the pandemic, those who choose to travel will use GoToTravel campaign that cheaper.

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Good news..

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Japan's traffic deaths dropped to a record low of 2,839 in 2020,

I believe that's actually higher than the coronavirus figures, so no cause for celebration.

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Less elderly on the roads

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Anyone know if these figures include cyclists hit by cars? Always wondered what the stats are around that. Every day I see people on bikes doing really stupid things.

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When businesses have reduced travel, visitors have stopped visiting, and people not going on long distance trips as much due to the pandemic, its only natural for accidents to be reduced. A decline in events that would cause an accident naturally attributes to a decline in accidents.

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The figure stood at nearly one-sixth its peak of 16,765 in 1970.

even that number is actually worse than it appears, before 1980 only deaths within 24 hours were included in the stats. Now it's 30 days. the 16,7650f 1970 could have been closer to 18-19-20 000 with a 30 day protocol.

Safer cars, airbags, crumple zones, abs, proximity sensors all doing their part.

To those saying covid has reduced travel in those with reduced incomes, this may be true, but I can't say I have noticed a reduction in traffic if anything, it has been worse as more people who can afford to drive do so as they are reluctant to use public transport.

There are a lot more commuter cyclists too, curious if cyclist accidents are up by much.

Accidents with food delivery scooter drivers must be one group that is surely up, these guys are absolute maniacs, thinking they are Valentino Rossi out there on their scooters, I have has a couple of near misses with these speed merchants. And with more food delivery services appearing and the usual pizza shop guys busy. They scare me.

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The number of fatalities decreased by 376 from the previous year, partly due to strengthened traffic regulations and enhanced safety performance of vehicles, the agency said.

When things are bad, external factors are always mentioned. Like covid for many stuffs this year.

But when things are good, it is always thanks to the human made measures.

In fact, corona reduced strongly the road traffic this year.

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1 thing they seemed to have left out is during the 1st 2 months of the corona scare, roads were basically empty. I was driving thru the center of town in record time. Still good news though.

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I believe that's actually higher than the coronavirus figures, so no cause for celebration.

Its actually less than the number of Covid fatalities.

Also, since there were zero Covid deaths in 2019 and about 3500 in 2020 there has obviously been a big increase in those, while traffic deaths are decreasing.

Also, its pretty lame to be trying to clumsily shoehorn a point you keep hitting to no effect about Covid into an article completely unrelated to it.

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I believe that's actually higher than the coronavirus figures, so no cause for celebration.

Another one of your 'beliefs' that again isn't actually based on readily available 'facts'.

But I'm sure you'll tell us that one-third of people believe it too etc

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Fear not, record numbers are continuing to perish here on Florida roads.

Bicycles and pedestrians.

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Perhaps for spats of time the road traffic was down, but in Tokyo overall it’s way up in 2020.

people don’t want to commute by train and hence use cars, often via car share programs.

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