Vaccine minister Kono warns against wasting COVID-19 doses


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They couldn’t find five more people wanting those cancelled appointment doses?

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I would gladly take that dose

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This is the country of 'mottai-nai'.

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On Monday, an initial 1,139 people aged 65 or older received shots of the vaccine as the second group to be vaccinated following health care workers, according to the government.


B. Double WOW

C. Triple WOW!!!!!!!!

1,139. Dang efficient. 17,000,000 more million to go just in the Tokyo metro area.

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Christ on a bike they could literally just open the door and immediately find 5 willing people.

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... up to five doses of Pfizer Inc's vaccine were discarded Monday due to last-minute cancellations.

Kono suggested that local authorities can be flexible in using doses that become available as a result of people canceling their vaccination appointments, such as by allocating them to those aged 64 or younger or those who live outside their municipalities.

Why don’t these local governments demonstrate the ability to think reasonably on their own? Their inflexibility is stifling! Literally!

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Amid growing concerns over a "fourth wave" of infections, the government is seeking to secure enough shots of the vaccine for roughly 36 million seniors and deliver them to municipalities by late June.

To achieve that in the next 75 days means 514,285 people a day need to be given the vaccine.

How many per day are being vaccinated as of today?

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They couldn’t find five more people wanting those cancelled appointment doses?

It's not that they couldn't find 5 people, it's that they weren't allowed to. I mean seriously, couldn't the government have thought about that beforehand? They didn't think some people would cancel their shots? Hire clowns, you get a circus.

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And if you don't obey... watch out! You might be punished with a stern glance!

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The elderly, who account for around 29 percent of the population

This is a far scarier statistic than any Covid-related one.

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Vaccine minister????

The government is already suffering from superbloat. If they got off their rear ends, stopped the endless parties, meetings and compiling and sending reports, they might actually get some work done.


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There's a vaccine center down the street from me. I see almost nobody there. I'm tempted to just walk in and ask for the vaccine already.

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@zato: Nothing stopping you. Give it a try. I am on the list at my local clinic.

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Lab Rats. I hope you know what you're doing.

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You simply can’t waste what you don’t even still have at hand.

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Wonder if they’ve ever heard of something called a waiting list. It’s a bit complicated but might work in this situation.

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The vaccination rate in Japan lags far behind those of other countries such as Britain and the United States since Japan relies entirely on imports for its coronavirus vaccine supply.

Even if it was domestically produced it would still lag because here people don't use their discretion and follow strictly a manual, the vaccines were wasted because it wasn't stated in the manual that they could give it who hadn't an appointment.

The only country with a minister of vaccine yet the rollout is turtle pace, imagine the outcome if there was no minister. Maybe there is no minister of PCR test that is why testing hss been unbelievably low.

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Hit Cancellation with financial penalties and watch it STOP.

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I can imagine unused vaccines will somehow be sold to rich people.

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I do not understand that in a smart phone addict country you cannot find 5 people in short notice to get the left over jabs. The vaccine does not get expired in an hour.

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1139 in a day, compare that with the numbers in the UK or the USA, you can do the maths.

"No problem, there are no restrictions (on such usage)," Kono said at a press conference.

Kono is right, that is common sense, problem is no Japanese adult is allowed to use it, most do not have it, they are trained to go by the plan and cannot take a decision based on common sense.

The rule is king here, the plan is king ! Five people who have booked didn't turn up, it never occurs to them that those doses could be put to good use rather than thrown away. My 10 year old boy would have done better !

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Get Sputnik V ASAP!

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Get Sputnik V ASAP!

Now with added Novichok™

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1,139 people vaccinated in a day. I do despair....

We need answers!

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