Japan's youngsters prefer coming-of-age celebration at 20 rather than 18: survey


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I do too. 20 is the correct coming of age and is closest to 25 which is when science says the brain stops developing. The 18-19 age countries like my own IMHO are the ones that need to raise the age. Japan has a lot of issues in the news but this one I agree with

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Says who? You cant possibly speak for all kidz and make a statement.

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Why didn’t they ask any 13 to 15 year old kids? And wow, a whole 800. I wonder if it’s more about bragging rights than anything else.

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The real reason they want it at 20 years old is so they can get drunk to celebrate.

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"a whole 800"

n=800 is more than enough. But if its all 800 kids from Shinjuku vs 800 kids spread around Japan, thats a different story.

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75:3 percent said the concept of adulthood confused them. 70 percent of 40 year olds reported to be still confused...

50 percent of fifty year olds were too drunk to remember.

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Lindsay: The real reason they want it at 20 years old is so they can get drunk to celebrate.

I think you nailed it

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The Japanese have a different sense of adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it.

In essence, not all the young actually wanted to vote at age 18. They consider, they must have "experience" to back up their knowledge and skills to be "wise" enough to vote at the poles. So with coming of age at 20.

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