Japan's 'ama' grannies cling to their free-diving fishing tradition

By Anne Beade

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I saw a documentary on YouTube about these grannies (perhaps not these specific ones) and they afraid they will be the last generation of these free diving women.

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Swimming, it is said, is a very good form of exercise for the body----certainly must work for these super healthy women.

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Did a research paper with translations about the incredible lore of the ama (海女):

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And Free Diving is ... ?

It's not something that Japan alone should hold claim to. Don't portray it as such as by doing so, you demean the other Societies that have similar practices/sports.

Just see it for what it is.

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here in Onjuku, Chiba-ken, there is a museum of photos of the women who used to dive hereabouts. it's housed in what was formerly the hospital, a wooden building, the operating-room still intact, with the addition of photos.

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