Emperor turns 60; offers sympathy to virus patients


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It is nice to actually see a royal advocating for world peace as this news say. While not a royalist... I've become at 27 years of age respectcul of such figures. It means a lot to some people and I am sure some affected by he virus will find encouragement in his words.

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Many Happy Returns of the day to the Emperor.

I'm glad he, and not a politician, is the country's top person.

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I agree with the first poster. I am not a "royalist" but I have to say I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Emperor and his father as well.

@Jonathan: I agree with you. Politics is beneath this Emperor.

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Happy Birthday, Emperor Naruhito! I cant believe he is 60. He looks only early 40s!

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Many Happy Returns to him. I hope he got his red hat and jacket. .

Naruhito and his wife, Masako, who is recovering from a stress-induced mental condition,

Sometimes it's necessary to mention her health problems, but surely not every time?

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who is recovering from a stress-induced mental condition, have an 18-year-old daughter,

Recovering for nearly 20 years... Perhaps they should reword it.

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Happy birthday :-)

Recovering for nearly 20 years... Perhaps they should reword it.

Sometimes wound will leave you with scars. It normally disappears with time but some don’t. Recovery takes time when you are deeply hurt or traumatised.

The pain one goes through should be felt, not only read about for condition that effect we’ll being of the mind.

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Happy birthday old boy!

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A very Happy Birthday to Emperor Naruhito.

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Otanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu!

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Wise words from a humble man ( take note donny, you will learn a lot )

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