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Empress Emerita Michiko turns 88


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Fantastic! 88! Happy Birthday, Empress Emerita Michiko!

Never could think of a bad thing to say about her...still can't. Neither her husband. Class acts, the both of them.

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I've had the honor of seeing her twice. Surprised the article didn't mention that she is the first commoner to become empress. Apparently, she met Akihito through their shared love of tennis.

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I wish we could reverse time and have this couple serve for another 50 years. They may be old but they are still a class act, knowledgeable, and very progressive.

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Wonderful, Happy Birthday.

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Empress Emerita Michiko and Emperor Emiritus Akhito taking a walk in the garden are both eighty eight years, dressed in the same coloured clothes and looking much alike one another. Eight in the Orient is traditionally a lucky number and 88 means a very very happy birthday, Empress Emerita Michiko.

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Best news I've seen here all day. Thank you for sharing.

Happy Birthday Empress Emerita Michiko


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A lovable couple

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Happy Birthday Empress Emerita Michiko !!..

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Hearty congratulations. Happy Birthday to Empress Emerita Michiko. Wishing Emperor Emeritus Akihito and Empress Emerita Michiko good health.

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