Golden Week holiday travelers flood roads, train stations


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Golden week in Japan sounds very similar to Songkarn in Thailand, just don't try and go anywhere unless you are prepared to queue, be stuck in traffic and probably pay a premium price for transport and accommodation.

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about time for them to enjoy life without work. a nice break.

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Golden Week holiday travelers flood roads, train stations...

And Hotels! They are all full!

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A shameless yearly triumph of materialistic, consumeric capitalism. If it is laying on the throne daily, that one week it's dancing and signing.

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Wonder how Japan would react if it had the same laws as back home.

Minimum annual leave 25 workdays, compulsory 1 leave/year with a minimum length of 2 weeks.

Studies found that it takes 2weeks to reset and recharge.

GW is just nuts.

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The picture is indicative of a herd mentality or refusal to stagger holidays, crammed em in and stacked em high.

Seriously, a point of public safety. I hope the little fellow in the picture resisted the urge to scrape a tune out of his violin, he could have someones eye out.

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10 years ago that pic would of had 80 % of the travellers wearing masks. That is about the only thing that has change.

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When LCCs were starting to pop up in Japan, I thought JR would lose money with their Shinkansen. I guess it hasn't and I do hear from a lot of people refusing to take LCCs.

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I would love to read a study about how much time the Japanese spend waiting in line over the course of their lives vs. those of us from the West. Go to that hot bakery or a dept. store before it opens at 10am and just marvel at their patience.

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Perhaps the rolling GW system should be more than just considered but actually implemented.

(Rolling GW system would have each region in Japan having GW at different times one after the other from the south up.)

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they all look so happy - it's Golden Week

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I found Japanese are always moving never truly relaxing.

Many friends ask me how to slow down.

GW, Obon and New Year are examples always busy/stressed.

Add in that projects at work are under-staffed, common worry is 'if I take leave will the project or me get reassigned'.

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John-san: "10 years ago that pic would of had 80 % of the travellers wearing masks. That is about the only thing that has change"

It was the same 25 years ago.

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GW travel misery.  good time to stay put.

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Spending hours in traffic jams, packed onto crowded trains and paying ridiculously inflated prices for accommodation doesn't seem like a relaxing holiday to me.

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...while I am sitting comfortably at home, reading Japan Today and enjoying the peace and quiet, away from the "madding crowd"...

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The Awaji Bridge has been backed up half the length of the bridge since 9 am this morning. 3 pm and loads of people are still trying to get off at the first exit.

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The only beneficiaries of GW are companies that make all their staff take holidays at the same time.....

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If they introduce higher speeds and the 'fastener' system they would have far less traffic jams and get rid of all those.Toll gates.

Works well overseas, not much that can be done about the shinkansen.

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