What will imperial couple do in retirement?

By Linda Sieg

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Hopefully whatever the heck they want to do, and with no interference from the IHA!

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Continue to live a life of luxury.

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I sometimes have a sense that in my state of sadness and uncertainty, I find myself quietly connecting with other people," she told a 2007 news conference.

A hauntingly sad way to live a life.

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Don't know, but I bet they enjoyed that walk the other day outside the palace. Maybe more of the simple things they could never do before.

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Retirement is not about "doing" anything but not doing it--in other words "taking it easy". I remember seing them on their wedding day intheir horse drawn carriage. Sixty years this year---they deserve a rest.

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They could move to a condo in Thailand, where their Japanese pension cheques will go a lot further.

Yeah, tennis is completely out of the question at that age. I'm barely able to avoid side-lining injuries and am considerably younger than the emperor.

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Continue to live a life of luxury.

"Continue"? If you call having just about every waking minute controlled, not allowing you the freedom to even walk outside your state-owned dwellings, can't talk to people, can't make "friends" on their own among a host of other things WE all take for granted as can have it!

They did not choose their lives, you have chosen yours!

That along should give them the right to retire in peace! Hell I hope they take up "gate-ball" with the other seniors in their neighborhood!

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I think he deserves to sit in a rocking chair with a beer in his hand, and just enjoy life. Finally.

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They will have fewer aides, but the government will still pay their living expenses.

You mean WE will pay their living expenses!

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They will continue working. It is impossible to stop after a lifetime. If they don’t keep working, from my experience in many hospitals in different countries, unfortunately @Elmer is right.

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Let's see...

Play golf.

Chase each other around the house.

Play doctor/nurse.

Play house.

Watch TV

Stay in bed.

All of the above.
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Rakugo tour! He'd have so many stories

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As private citizens, they will enjoy their hobbies, traditional Japanese theatre like Noh, Kabuki etc. The Emperor is likely interested in Ikebana as his father was a Master of Ikebana. They will still travel throughout Japan to lift the spirits of citizens, whenever they can. They will also visit their grandchildren which will keep them busy.

I wish Emperor and Empress a relaxing and fun retirement!

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Oh @elmer is gone. From numerous studies and my experience, case studies of people who suddenly stop work after a full on responsibility laden career, that in old age lose their life long partner, deteriorate.

i hope they carry on comforting people at the own rate. Live long.

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Old people things probably.

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Share the same house. See each other everyday without formal requests to the IBA. Visit their grand kids without requesting permission. Take a vacation.

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Oh they have friends! Plus I didn't know that the taxpayers are funding their luxurious lifestyle.

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The emperor's hobby has been marine biology, especially goby fish.

Emperor Akihito, I know you aren't monitoring the JT comment forum, but even so, may I offer a suggestion??

You will abdicate at the end of April. Summer is on the way!!

You love marine biology!!

The Imperial Household has the Suzaki Imperial Villa in Shimoda!! An awesome little town at the bottom of the Izu Peninsula!!

Go spend some time there!! The locals there are the most amazing people you will ever meet.

And there is no better place to explore marine biology!!

And if you want to play some tennis, the Shimoda Central Hotel has some awesome courts. I am sure they would be happy to accommodate you!!

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What will imperial couple do in retirement?

Hopefully they will be left alone to enjoy their remaining years they have left with each other.

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Anything they want.

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Sleep. Or maybe play Tetris 99.

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Kiss the kunaicho goodbye.

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Tequila. She seems more like a gin person, but for him, I think retirement should include tequila.

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With the shackle of Imperial office cut, I think it would be a good opportunity for the Emperor Emeritus to mend relations with South Korean victims of Japanese colonism, before they pass on.

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