Japan's industry minister inspects crippled Fukushima nuclear plant


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That water contains more than tritium, since the treatment plant was less than effective and broke down repeatedly. I suggest it get tested.

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I wonder why it's taking so long to deal with this issue. Been a long time Japan.

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treated through a processing system that removes radionuclides except for tritium

utter BS. And groundwater flows into the sea. No treatment.

also what do they do with the ionizing radionuclides they collect with ALPS? Throw it in a pond in Hokkaido?

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I wonder why it's taking so long to deal with this issue. Been a long time Japan.

because there is no known technology, that is why it is good restart used-by-date NPPs on earthquake and tsunami places.

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The nuclear disaster site will take 100 years to clean up. No known way to remove the 600 tons of molten fuel. The radiation levels inside reactors 1&2 are very high.

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The local government heads have also urged the central government to create an environment where marine products are traded at fair prices so that residents, particularly young people, can operate competitive businesses.

Dumping? How deliciously appropriate.

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I'm waiting for the Frank Drebin press conference. "Nothing to see here, folks".

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It still beggars belief that any sane person would want nuclear power after this disaster!

Especially in light of the corruption and negligence that caused this disaster in the first place

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