Japan's major airlines to toughen explosive checks from Tuesday


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In other words, copy everybody's data.

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In other words, copy everybody's data.

Macs can be set to encrypt the entire hard drive. Copying it isn't going to do much for them.

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It's a simple surface wipe and scan, takes less than a minute. SOP in many airports, certainly does not read the data.

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In fact New Chitose airport doesn't have any direct flights to the USA. So you can put your swipes away!

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Haha... and this would have stopped that guy who flew into Haneda twice last year from S Korea carrying a large bag of gunpowder each time in order to try and blow up Yasukuni?

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Paranoia aside, do you realize how fast the data transfer rate would have to be in order to copy your data with a simple swipe? It's not going to happen. Relax.

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It still amazes me that people are so paranoid about privacy that they'd rather have a higher chance of being killed by a terrorist. I for one value my life enough that I don't really care even if they were somehow miraculously able to magically scan my company's secrets or photos of my family.

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