TEPCO weighs options over tsunami threat to Fukushima plant


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TEPCO will examine the latest projections and analyze the impact

20 minus 11 equals 9. I did the math Tepco. Your 11 meter walls are too short. Please send me check in the mail.


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These predictions exist since at least 20 years, recommended countermeasures have never been implemented - hence the 2011 disaster - and still procrastinating 9 years later.

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Well, it's TEPCO, so they're "thinking about it" means doing nothing.

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This days is really the right time to publish such articles...

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20 minus 11 equals 9. I did the math Tepco. Your 11 meter walls are too short. Please send me check in the mail.


Yes, except walls are not built from sea level. You tried to be clever, but you weren’t.

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Why did you build it next to the sea?

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At Bugle

This is a simple link so you can see how the sea walls were started. They were started in the should be. Sorry, I did not try to be clever as you have tried to be, I just wanted to be informative.

Please investigate things before trying to be knowledgeable or offensive or demeaning.

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A Meeting to Weigh Options:

A: Is it still going to cost a lot to do anything?

B: Yes, it is.

A: That is regrettable. However, I brought sake.

B: Wonderful!

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First it was Fukushima, now its the Olympics and Covid-19. Its like Japan is trying to host a house party with a plugged toilet.

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That’s not the wall in question.

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And they still claim to not know where the coriums are from reactors reactors 1,2 and 3.

And almost no reporting on the damaged spent fuel containment/ removal.

watch the vids of the explosions. They were clearly different.

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I unfortunately watched them live. Seems there is a collective amnesia sometimes

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I reckon their preparations amount to creating a Microsoft Word shortcut to save them typing the word "soutei-gai" (unforeseen) when the inevitable happens.

On second thoughts, the shortcut might be in that Japanese word processor Ichitaro running on WIndows XP.

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Don't think too hard on it. It's only been 9 years so far. Plenty of time.

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but will probably cost more than than ¥50 trillion.

Almost 500 billion US dollars. 500 billion divided by 120 million people, it will cost every human in Japan $4166 to fix this. How much would a decent set of generators have cost in 2011?

Japan seems to be able to magically pull trillions of yen out of its arse.

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@Bugle: Zichi and links and general investigating proves me correct. What seawall are you trying to talk about. Maybe a Tokyo or Yokohama one?

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Are they flushing some of the contained water into the ocean yet?........mmmm...Let's not talk about that now"

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