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Japan's top COVID-19 adviser criticizes Bach's revisit to Tokyo


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Once a person gets away with pushing a whole country to do an international event against the will and interests of the majority of the population he may as well do anything else. He already made clear that he doesn't care what the public think about anything he does, and that he can make the government do as he pleases.

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Very simple Omi-san. That man lacks any common sense when money is involved.

17 ( +20 / -3 )

Agreed with the previous comments. King Bach obviously does not give a damn about what the scientists say nor about what local people think..The trigger is money and enjoying his luxury accommodation and the attention. He could have done the speech online.

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Bach is the Dummkopf of the year. The IOC needs to make him pay out of pocket for unnecessary junkets and lavish hotels.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

Bach is a disgrace, as is the entire sick Olympic movement he rules.

Its all about the $$$ and the 6-star hotels. Simple as that.

Tokyo 2020 was an absolute trainwreck that just keeps taking from the taxpayer.

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It's good that Omi says what we all have been saying, and he's absolutely correct. His advice has been continually ignored, but it's him that will be the sacrificial lamb when Suga needs a head to roll.

Bach is just a pig at the Yen trough.

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He probably couldn't carry all the suitcases full of money last time so he had to come back for the rest.

19 ( +20 / -1 )


Great comments.

There are so many pigs at the trough.

Suga and his LDP pals are a case in point.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Thank you, Omi sensei, for saying out loud what the entire country is thinking. Even lawmakers cheered him this time.

Bach has certainly managed to make himself a figure of loathing in Japan. I wonder if his performance over this Olympics will take the shine off his attempt at getting them to award him the Nobel Peace Prize for his services to humanity?

12 ( +13 / -1 )

That feelin..

When the guy talking (Omi) is sounding like the leader of a country

And the leader of the country talks like a local City office worker lifer who got the job cuz his dad knows a guy who knows a guy....and you still wonder "how did this dead eyed looking dude actually get this job??"

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Since the beginning of the Olympics on July 23, Tokyo has seen record daily cases of COVID-19, with health experts describing the current situation as being at "disaster level."

Hypocrisy and deflection, what have the experts done to mitigate the spread of this virus nada. I have never heard them call for increased testing, they say it is disaster level yet turning a blind eye to testing being reduced or minimally increased across the country, They are also guilty with being satisfied with the low numbers from the number of test knowing fully well the numbers are not real.

The horse had already bolted the barn, it makes no difference whether Bach comes to Tokyo or not, Last week 5 lawmakers went out dining I didn't hear him complaining.

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"I wonder why he bothered to come. He should be able to show common sense," said Shigeru Omi,

I agree. Bach has no common sense at all.

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ZorotoToday  05:20 pm JST

Very simple Omi-san. That man lacks any common sense when money is involved.

No, who issued Back a visa? He's not a Japanese citizen or a resident.

Germany is on the 90 day visa waiver program, with the right to file for another 90 days extension. So...nobody.

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

I hope Dr. Omi has friends in the government. If Lord Bach gets in a huff over Omi's comments and complains to the J-Govt, they may have to decide between appeasing an angry IOC god or sacrificing their leading expert on a disease which they're not handling particularly well. Choices, choices.

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Omi suggested his return to Tokyo would send the wrong message to the public.

And his first visit didn't send the very same wrong message?

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The rationale is very simple, Mr. Omi:

Let's take from the poor and give to the rich.

The reverse Robin Hood mentality that both the government and IOC holds so dear.

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I mean, dont he and his people get separate envelopes of money for the Paralympics?

its a total separate event, ya know?

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He has already come here. Hasn't he already gone to Ginza? 

So scathing; so good.

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Hold up, why is this article saying that we’ve been in a state of emergency since July?

Restaurants and karaoke bars etc have been ‘urged’ to close at 8pm since April last year.. did something change?

oh wait, we had a couple of months last year where they were open until 9!

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Whats the problem with Bach, its his job! Has he spread the virus? The Top covid advisor first should do his job get the vaccines into the peoples bodies. Im still waiting no supply says my ward. Total incompetence on him!

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Holding the Olympics in the first place goes against common sense. It also goes against the wishes of most of the population….

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Mr Omi should give advice to Suga. The question is , did Suga not hear to him or follow? For that he should be busy at first! But its good japanese rule blaming first a foreigner before asking himself whats wrong. And finally , i don’t like Bach too but this way is too cheap.

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Guess its his job to come, or is it its our games we stage it, who cares the invention.

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These experts only seem to take the chance to criticize when the person in question is not Japanese. Absolutely no love for Bach but would be nice if they put more effort into doing their job and roast the people in power that is the actual source of the problem.

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Scold that greedy idiot Bach

2 ( +3 / -1 )

JROToday 08:03 pm JST

These experts only seem to take the chance to criticize when the person in question is not Japanese. Absolutely no love for Bach but would be nice if they put more effort into doing their job and roast the people in power that is the actual source of the problem.

On August 12th. Dr Omi had a visit from a thug/nutter who smashed the windows of his office building lobby with a shovel. There's a bizarrely garbled NHK report here:


A random crackpot or a warning to keep quiet?

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What is worrying is the number of hospitalized persons keep climbing.

That keeps the burden of the medical systme under very high strain, taking the medical staff out of general care services.

Medical staff get exhausted and no one can replace them before long time as training takes lengthy sessions.

Bach need to help to reduce the strain.

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The strain is on JP not the international olympic committee.

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These experts only seem to take the chance to criticize when the person in question is not Japanese. Absolutely no love for Bach but would be nice if they put more effort into doing their job and roast the people in power that is the actual source of the problem.

Unfortunately most posters are too quick to let their emotion get the best of them. An expert is not supposed to discriminate in their criticism regarding the virus. Omi wasn't mad when the GoTo were going on under his watch. I don't like Bach myself but that doesn't mean my hatred for Bach should impede my ability to think.

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I wonder where all the " Mr. Bach is an honorable man" " he has done so much for the world of sports" etc ..gone?

Amazing the silence! Contract over?

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First, gambatte Omi chairman, u are perfectly correct but u must also ask who on this Japanese side invited bach??,

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Why is he allowed back in in the first place? Why doesn't he have to quarantine like the rest of us? He is the real ruler of this country it seems.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Bach is the example of a grifter...just here to enjoy more perks paid for by the taxpayers of Japan.

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Bach is not only a rich man but also a rich man who likes to be seen, to dazzle , to assert an authority that does not belong to him. Without a word spoken he is a loudmouth. It is there when when no one wants to listen.

We will see if historians in the never future will conclude the current raging pandemic was ignited by the Olympics.

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Bach always turns up like a bad penny !

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Nothing can be done about Mr. Bach. Nobody of this so-called 'high society' cares and respect rules. We all know this. Paraolympics will end on September 5, 2021, but I have to admit it is his job to be present in person during Olympic and Paraolympic Games in Japan and this was decided long time ago.

Soon after September 5, many foreigners related to Olympics/Paraolympics will leave Japan, and I guess around middle of September we all in Japan will have to work hard to go back to 'normal daily life'.

This Mr. Omi is however also a rather ignorant and arrogant person, he better should take care about delivery of vaccine in all Japan and similar important medical issues. This man is a failure if you ask me. As he never talks to the public I did not even know that he does exist. He is merely looking for attention with such pointless comments. Today Japan has confirmed 215,742 acute cases. Has he really nothing else to do about covid-19 but to pick out one person and to critizise him?

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ZorotoAug. 25 05:20 pm JST

No, who issued Bach a visa? He's not a Japanese citizen or a resident.

Mr. Bach does not need a visa, he is likely travelling using a diplomatic/ or service passport on behalf of his international function related to the IOC, not an ordinary passport.

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Mr. Bach is doing more than spreading a message!! Go figure and dig deep into his background and you will see where he stands.

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Japan needs to open their eyes and get out of this paranoia. It seems that they still don't understand that isolation is not going to solve the problem. One guy, the chief of the Olympic comittee can't come to the Olympics! Is this how Japanese think? My God, Japan will never open it's borders!

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Israel which started vaccinations, exclusively with the mRNA vaccines is now close to it's record of last winter for Covid cases and hospitalizations. As of the middle of August 59% and rising of those in hospital due to Covid were fully vaccinated.

If the Japanese government doesn't get the one proven safe and highly effective vaccine, Sputnik V or maybe the second best vaccine on the market at present made in China by a company called Sinopharm and revacciante all the people vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines, I fear this winter is going to be carnage. The AZ vaccine is dangerous and highly ineffective but at least all those who survive it aren't seemingly more susceptible to the virus after a few months.

Alternatively, the Russian single shot vaccine based on Sputnik V is still in trails but early data suggests it's even better than Sputnik V. Being a single shot vaccine, it might save the life of all those who have taken the mRNA vaccines.

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 Omi wasn't mad when the GoTo were going on under his watch.

Yes he was. He wanted it stopped. The government ignored him.


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At least there are advisers within the government who have a brain. Too bad the government doesn't take any of the advisers advice into consideration. What's the point of having advisers if they don't listen? Typical Japan. Doing nothing until it's too late and then setting up an advisory board.

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