Japan's 'yuru-kyara' mascot competition to end after 9 years


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In recent years, however, the competition has come in for criticism over "organized votes" and overheated campaigns to choose the winner.

I think this happens because winners like Kumamon and Funassyi have become popular and people sees the opportunity to make big money if their mascot wins the competition. The competition is full of fun. Apart from the cute mascots there are some you would ask "Who would come up with the idea to make a mascot like this?". It is s pity that it has to end.

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9 years too late.

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“Organized votes”... they only realized this after 9 years? C’mon, this is the land where cash rules. As expected.

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Another bad idea whose sell by date came years ago...

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Takata no Yumechan, the insufferably conceited pine fairy, wins again!

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Mascots are popular in Japan because of Shinto. Everything has a god -- even fruit and stationary. Little gods everywhere!

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