Japanese A-bomb survivors hail ICAN Nobel Peace Prize win


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The ICAN organisation was started in Australia 10 years ago. Fun fact.

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Japanese PM Abe's grand uncle, a former PM preached 'No more Atomic Bomb ', alone and received Prize.

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I like my A-bombs "i just wanna tell you how i'm feeling, gotta make you understand, never gonna give you up"

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I ask this every time an A-Bomb survivor article comes out, and that is "Please tell me what the requirements are to be qualified as an A-bomb survivor". I haven't seen a clear answer yet.

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Why is there a picture of Obama? Is it to remind us that they sometimes give the prize to people who do not deserve it?

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@ Raw Beer = Spot on ! Also to reinforce that the Nobel peace prize is a complete joke

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Still don't see why CnD didn't get recognised rather than ICAN... anyone ?

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I think Obama is there because he make sure Iran stopped nuclear development.

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"Please tell me what the requirements are to be qualified as an A-bomb survivor".

I would have thought it's self evident. What do they teach the kids at school these days?

Simply put, an A bomb survivor would be someone who was in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the time when the US perfomed its hideous genocidal experiment on the Japanese. The survivor survived, didn't die in the blast or the days, weeks and years after from radiation sickness, cancers and so on.

The lucky people who stand testament to doing their best to overcome the trauma of such a catastrophic event.

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