Japan adds infection controls to basic disaster management plan


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This took how long to work out..........

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For a country that faces natural disasters regularly seems pretty stupid not to plan for the inevitable. Guess politians need to plan how to make money what a difficult life they lead.

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The plan states people should understand that when local governments urge them to flee, those already in a safe place do not need to evacuate

thanks for explaining.... a sad indictment of J-Gov's opinion of the citizenry....

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It is too late ... far too late!

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Preparedness for any forms of disaster is always welcome provided that the entire community is made aware and properly communicated for coordination and cooperation. Japan has been doing well in cases of disaster simulation and training for quakes and tsunamis so far. Hopefully the population will become much more serious about the need to "participate" for such plans to be effective in actual time of crisis.

There has to be an additional crisis and disaster management plan added to coordinate possible enemy attack. With tensions so high inthe area, S and N Korea and possibly Taiwan are probably well prepared. Japan must address that problem soon ans stop being so complacent about world dynamics economically and militarily which are very closely related.

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