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Meteorological Agency warns of more quakes as temblors continue east of Tokyo


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Japan Meteorological Agency


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"slow slip" in tectonic plates off the coast.

That sounds better than the alternative.

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A lower 5 is nothing to sneeze at. Secure your breakables, leave your bathtub filled (you'll miss the ability to flush your toilet), get a konro with lots of fuel, and canned goods to last a week (gas will be out at least that long), and make sure you have a designated place to meet your loved ones. Lessons learned in Kumamoto.

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Let's hope a big one won't follow.

Getting pretty tired of all those small quakes to be honest.

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The article mistakenly says 'temblors' not once but three times!

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need not to care about the spelling mistakes, it is not funny at all. The purpose of the news is to inform all of you : please go and check your emergency bag, make sure you have adequate cans food, medicines, drinks, passport, or whatever needed by you. Please go and study the map going to the neighborhood safe shelter, discuss with your family members in case of emergency and mobiles not working, what shall you people do.

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@tamanegi temblors?

@nandakandamanda The article mistakenly says 'temblors' not once but three times

Even though it might look strange, "temblor" is not a typo. It's an actual word.

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Thanks Rocket! Learnt something new!

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I think Temblor (from spanish) is American english for tremor. But probably clearer to just say tremor surely?

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