Japan aims to build unmanned hydrogen charging stations by 2020


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Only aim.

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Japan is trying to set up unmanned hydrogen charging stations for fuel-cell vehicles before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, a draft government plan showed Thursday.

Whoopie! Just how many of the tourists that come for the games are actually going to be driving one?

There are only about 3,000 of the vehicles in the entire country, and the government wants to waste more money for what?

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Good news, but only if the hydrogen is produced using excess renewable energy, not dirty fossil fuels.

This is a crucial point so often left out of articles on hydrogen.

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What could possibly go wrong.

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Not near my house. An accident would take out whole blocks.

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Well, singling out hydrogen as “dirty fuel”, apart from nuclear energy, at this point in time, nearly all electricity is produced using fossil fuels. I find the hydrogen option appealing for, with modifications, a combustion engine will happily run on the stuff with the added bonus of being able to maintain a nice exhaust note. Furthermore, considering the energy it costs to bolt together a new vehicle, imagine the enormous savings in energy that can be made if people have their old clunker converted to run on hydrogen!

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Just how many of the tourists that come for the games are actually going to be driving one?

Probably none. Those H2 vehicles will be buses and taxis.

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If it takes more fossil fuels to produce hydrogen than the amount of hydrogen fuel produced, then how can it be "clean"?

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what a hilariously bad idea

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The government is hoping to showcase Japan's clean technology

There couldn't have been a better time to make a move towards using of clean tech and energy than in the wake of 3/11 but noooooooooo. What utter BS.

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Don't knock it! Every move that Japan makes in the right direction, however late or slow, should be lauded.

Personally I believe that putting all our eggs in one basket is foolish. How many nuclear power stations will we need to charge hundreds of millions of EVs? So, EVs yeah, hybrids yeah, fuel-cells... yeah! Bring 'em ON!

If the price comes down enough I will surely consider a hydrogen vehicle, even with only two or three filling stations in the general area.

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