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Blue Impulse jets fly over Tokyo to salute medical workers


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OK that's fine, but I'd like to see the PM where is he? He and his child masks are not mentioned.

Big ups for the jet piolets, I'd vomit doing that, medical workers you guys are solid bet a jet ride would not shack you. Cough cough you are amazing thank you really thank you. You get no support but thank you.

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Although its a nice heart warming gesture to fly over the Capital to show appreciation for all of the hard working medical staff, I wonder how others medical staff are feeling in Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto and other large cities and towns. are they not worthy of a fly over?? or a small display?

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Nice gesture but please give them the rightful amount of compensation that they duly deserve

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How about paying them more?

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No need for such expensive drama that could turn into another disaster just like in Canada.

I agree with @dealordont:

Pay them more!

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Money for flying these planes would have been better used to buy masks and other protective equipment," wrote one Twitter user.

Yeah, well, I disagree, small gestures mean a lot to the people who are actually doing the work!

And we all see the waste the "mask" buying has been! Hater's just gonna hate!

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small gestures mean a lot to the people who are actually doing the work!

Well a nicer gesture would be to give these people a nice fat bonus rather than 2 minute fly over that doesn't do anything for anyone.

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After being hospitalized, I have nothing but unparalleled praise for the care givers. This was the first time I'd been hospitalized for an illness, not an injury, and these people are 100%, 24/7.

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2 minute fly over that doesn't do anything for anyone.

Of course it does. It takes your tax money...

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Sometimes it’s nice to get a thank you for your hard work.

Military flies jets everyday. This day is no different other than showing appreciation for front line workers.

if you want to complain about use of public funds, please to it in the appropriate news article. These people risk so much for us. I know this first hand as I have a sister and students working in the medical field. It is not easy and some people can be so mean to them.

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Of course it does. It takes your tax money...

I meant anything that was positive and worthwhile, but you're right...it wastes our money!

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What a nice gesture by the Blue Impulse to all the doctors and nurses. But as one poster said, what about Osaka, Sapporo, Kyoto and other cities? In Vancouver, citizens did a 7pm cheer every night to show appreciation during the stay-at-home phase. You can search on Youtube for it. The Snowbirds also paid tribute. I guess you'd never see that in Tokyo or Osaka. People would be complaining about the noise.

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And why does Japan copy the stupid things that the US does. These air shows got a lot of backlash over there, so what made them think it'd be a cool thing to do here?

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Heard them, twice. Didn't see them. Maybe blue not the best choice of colour for show jets...

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I agree with the conclusion of the article.

I guess there are insufficient equipment or medical cloths or so.

This may be not time when government pay for this Kind of ceremony

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What a stupid waste of time and money. Could have been better spent on much needed PPE for front line workers.

I was on the flight path as they repeatedly circled, trying to have an on line meeting.

Didnt go well.

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How about instead of using money for this, produce more medical supplies for those risking their lives to help us and allow more testing?

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I thought it was a nice gesture myself. Those of you criticizing the flyover didn't understand the purpose of it. Of course, medical workers should be paid more but right now at this point in time, they are doing their best to save lives and just wish not to be harassed or prejudiced against. A gesture like this is important to them.

I believe there is also an applause for medical workers by municipal governments at the same time each day in several prefectures.

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Will they fly over Niigata. Izu, Sapporo, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Maebashi,Osaka, Fukushima etc too?

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GAMBATTE PLS. I HOPE this is a sincere act.

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@Yubaru I couldn’t agree with you more! And yeah, haters are gonna hate, so you might as well do the things that you know makes sense, and lift people spirits. Especially during this whole pandemic.

And for those who complain about the money being used for the Jets, it’s like come on, it’s like a drop in the bucket compared to what we actually need to fend off this pandemic. It’s not just about material items to fight this disease, it’s also about mindset, having a good spirit. And that some of already commented, this definitely lifted spirits, so it’s a multi front battle that we have to wage in order to truly defeat this virus.

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Pay them according to their great social contribution as opposed to social parasite, overcompensated bureaucrats, politicians and financiers.

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Add the cost of the jets to the cost of Abenomasks hey just pass the debt onto our kids hey, bansai!

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since1981May 29  06:22 pm JST if you want to complain about use of public funds, please to it in the appropriate news article. These people risk so much for us. I know this first hand as I have a sister and students working in

This is exactly the article you would air criticism for that huge waste of money. When they did the flyover in NYC, it was met with the same derision. These people need more equipment and hazard pay, not an empty gesture that costs hundreds of millions yen.

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ToshihiroMay 29 04:46 pm JSTNice gesture but please give them the rightful amount of compensation that they duly deserve

I agree. And don't turn it into a heat-of-the-moment fashion statement/trend like America is doing. Military members, firemen (esp. after 9/11), and now health-care workers.

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@Jeff Huffman; This is not NYC. Japan has 16,673 confirmed cases compared to NYC's 377,714. Japan has 15,73 active cases compared to NYC 282,060. Japan has 887 deaths compared to NYC's 29,751. The PEOPLE of Japan did a great job to tackle this China Virus. No, it's not over but still, don't compare it with NYC.

Military jets fly every day. It is want they must do to stay ready to defend the country you so enjoy. A fly over to say thank you to front line workers in my opinion is a nice gesture. And let's be happy that the fly over was to say thank you and not the need to defend it. I served and am proud of them military and their sacrifices for us.

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I have to say, the photo looks rather 'arranged' to me.....

.....and did Shuichi Mikami really hear THEM saying: "We have been working under strain for the past four months, [...] the demonstration..." is lifting our spirits???? 「(°ヘ°)

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Next time try some harmless and cheap confetti instead of using our tax money to fly weapons of war over the heads of the people who would be stitching war victims back together.

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Those medical workers are heroes, sacrficing themselves and being away from their families in order to save lives

Now don't go giving them even more extra work by spreading the virus - that's dishonoring their sacrifices

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At first I thought the sound was one of the Haneda bound aircraft slightly off course, so when I took a look and saw the vapour trails I thought, "eh-up somethings different ere", true enough the next thing I noticed were people on the roof tops of a nearby housing block. So it didn't take long to realize that Japan was doing as other Countries had already done, and arrange for a fly-by from their acrobatic air-display team. After a bit they returned and I managed to get a rather hurried snap of them flying over. Truely fabulous, brings back the Kid in me. Pity that airshows are thing of the past these days.

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The cost was merely $30,000 and those who criticized it officially was only Communist Party, Even a leftist doctor was moved to see it above her hospital. Other major cities such as Osaka, etc are requesting the flight.

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