JAL offers discounted coronavirus tests to travelers


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Perfect for hypochondriacs

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"Tour packages" to where?

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Japan Airlines Co began offering discounted coronavirus tests to travelers Friday after teaming up with a medical institution in Tokyo, in a bid to ease concerns about infections and encourage customers to travel amid the pandemic.

Travelers booked on tour packages with the airline can take a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, test from 11,000 yen prior to their trip, as opposed to the 30,000 yen to 40,000 yen typically charged to those without health insurance coverage.

Wait, I can not imagine that the "medical institution" in Tokyo is subsidzing anything here and it's all on JAL, and JAL will get the money back from customers in charges and fees.

Basically this is a 75% discount on the normal cost of the test, which I find hard to believe that JAL will cover the balance, which brings the question into my mind of just how much does it actually cost?

Not to mention that I thought that the PCR test, to be accurate, had to be administered through a nasal swab and and from a saliva test alone. The saliva test is for detecting anti-bodies only.

They can obtain a certificate for a negative test result for an additional 5,500 yen.

Ok, now I get where they will make up a portion of the actual cost perhaps. It doesn't cost this much for a sheet of paper telling people that the test was negative!

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Now what happens to these travellers that test positive at the 11th hour on the way to their holidays? Do they get a full refund on their travel costs?

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Saliva only is PCR?

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Should be free if you're flying with them.

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OK fair enough. But are similar tests taken abroad for permanent residents wishing to come back to Japan accepted by Japanese immigration?

I thought not.

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All testing is free in Australia.

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As a non Japanese citizen, it would be foolish to go anywhere, especially now that Winter is Coming, because you might have a helluva time getting back in (if at all). Best to sit tight and stay active and keep your nose to the grindstone. We'd all like to visit home, but now is not the time.

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@stormcrow. Some of us have business at home. The travel restrictions are suffocating many businesses.

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@Luddite "Some of us have business at home."

I'm not saying you can't go, but I am saying to be aware that you may not be able to re-enter Japan, especially if there's a sudden upsurge and countries slam their gates shut. America is expecting a big upsurge this winter, so I definitely wouldn't go there.

If your business there outweighs your business here, then go for it. As for me, my business here outweighs my business there. It all depends on your own personal circumstances.

If you decide to go home, then I wish you a safe trip.

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5500 yen to just print out the results?

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Until reciprocal arrangements are in place, for ALL passengers, not just Japanese citizens, it's pointless.

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5500 yen to just print out the results?

I think it includes a cookie with it.

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Disgraceful that JAL are using Covid to sell holidays. The government are responsible for Y30,000 tests. JAL are government-subsidised. Instead of permitting JAL to use discounted tests as a selling point why not reduce the cost of tests for everyone.

JAL's discounted price is what the tests should cost anyway. So JAL are not losing money. So why are we being charged Y30,000 if we want to test away from JAL?

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Hey JAL, we got two words for ya!!!!

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All testing is free in Australia.

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Why would people down vote that Australia does all covid tests free? Charging for it just means cases will go unrecorded due to people avoiding testing to save money. Something that is bad for everyone.

So consider those down votes, down voted!

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We can get free Coronavirus Covid-19 test at drive through Corronavirus Covid-19 Test site or Pop-up test site in Australia. You will get pay $450 for the Corronavirus test isolation from the Government.

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