Law enacted that allows nuclear reactors to operate beyond 60 years


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Looking for a carbon-free energy source? How about tapping into the vast resources of geo thermal energy available in Japan.

Oh wait, the Onsen owners don’t want it, so let’s keep the nuclear and coal plants forever.

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Less coal but more older power plant? So what is Japan real plan?

This thing can lead to another new Fukushima.

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So much for sustainable clean energy. No wind or Sun methods on the rise, but further increase nuclear energy till the power plants rot.

I’d expect nothing less from a Japan that decides to dump nuclear waste into the ocean.

Lesson (not) learned from Fukushima and have to wonder why Japan forgets nuclear Hiroshima and Nagasaki so easily, but only at her convenience.

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That’s quite a gamble. Although nobody really knows from experience or statistics how long NPP can be operated, but setting it fixed to 60 years plus x, seems to be a little bit like a coin toss in every single case. It can be too short or in a worst case it could be too long and cause the next catastrophe. Nothing at all against NPP, but it’s better to build them now newly and always to use the most sophisticated and safest technology that’s available. Anyone still remembers Fukushima? The wall has been planned and built much too low, so that the sea water could intrude due to an earthquake caused tsunami. Maybe in newly built nuclear power plants that and other findings from international NPP accidents would now be hopefully considered somehow. And that’s what I mean, many aspects weren’t known 40, 50 years ago, or cannot be applied afterwards, if new knowledge arises. NPP yes, but please in a brandnew and safe condition!

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Sounds very safe in the land of persistent earthquakes. Ukraine war provided a convenient excuse for the utilities and government, didn't it.

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So, originally the reactors were built to last 30 years. Then, they extended it to 50 years. Now, they are further extending it to 60 years. Where will the extensions end? Most of the reactors in Japan are 50 years old (or more) already. We are talking about technology from the 60’s and 70’s. It’s like a retreaded tire. You can retread them a couple of times but eventually the will explode.

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Don't worry about the nuclear reactors going beyond 60 years. They'll likely become inoperable before then.

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Nuclear energy has always been a very poor and short-sighted option - just 50 to 60 years productive usage and then decommissioning / dismantling and ground returned to safety after 1,000 years.

As a species, our scientists worldwide have given so little in reality to the prospects of harnessing completely free energy, which has to be the destination ultimately for the world's ever-increasing populations, now that the vast majority of vital elements and resources have been used up.

The future lies simply in our abilities to convert wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, and crops / plant technology into the energy this planet needs right now, in order to sustain the future generations.

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Good luck the people living close to these nuclear sites.

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Forgot to mention on active fault lines

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What could go wrong?

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Even in a "democracy" big gov'mint will move the goalposts at will, whenever they wish. Making up policies as they go along without consulting the people they will ride roughshod over any objections from the plebs because they always think they know better.

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energy challenges

What about not wasting energy? Don't run the cooler when it is cold and heater when it is warm. There is no need to run aircons on max, just for the sake of it!

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Don't see many 60 year old cars on the roads. A reactor is way more complex.

If nuclear power is such a good deal why don't we have new ones, like cars, taking the old wrecks off the road.

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Since nuclear radiation degrades many types of material that it comes in contact with, there is a very good reason why there is a certain lifespan on nuclear reactors.

Regulators in Japan know full well the associated problems with high levels of radiation.

Why do the Japanese continue to push the safety levels in this industry?

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Cool here comes cheaper electricity.

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Present Japan's LDP politics who prioritizes vested interests with endangering general citizen, intend to rely on superannuated nuclear plants passed designed limit despite high risk of quake and tsunami. Moreover, seismic resistance of all nuclear plants in Japan are far-inferior to even general quake-proof designed houses.

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Make renewables profitable by using excess to mine bitcoin.

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Great decision nothing to do with cronyism and catering to the true powers in Japan… What and absolute sick joke!

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It's a good thing nuclear reactor don't have prostates.

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Ignorance (lack of knowledge) about nuclear power production leads to baseless fears (phobia) further agitated by biased media.

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As has been pointed out above, this isn't about common sense or what is in the best interest of the public, it is about elite vested interests doing what is best for them.

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Rusted valves, degraded pipes, boiling radioactive water….

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Herve,just because you live in the island misfit reactors, nobody around the want to be exposed to Tepco incompetent

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"The move comes as Japan's government looks to reinvigorate a nuclear sector that was taken offline after the 2011 Fukushima disaster caused by a deadly tsunami."

Ah, how little we learn, if at all. And next the big power companies will be telling us they have to increase fees AGAIN to restart the reactors, and when that produces more energy... well... they'll just raise costs again because they can.

And when the next big disaster hits we'll hear another round of, "Who could have known?"

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Many parts of a nuclear reactor can be replaced. The most critical part is the rector vessel that holds the nuclear fuel and cannot be replaced.

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Yup, never any mention of geothermal potential here. Not a peep. Cheap, and plentiful all over Japan. Obvious solution but not a lot of graft to be had in that racket is there?

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Countries that have no nuclear plants: Australia, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Norway and Serbia. Poland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Sweden decided not to build new plants or intend to phase out nuclear power.

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insane, concrete and steel constantly weaken with passage of time. Time limits critical to safety, not short dangerous risky 'earthquake' gambling.

So much next generation FAR safer nuclear coming soon, more reason to shut e'm down!

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I want cheap power for everyone in Japan. Cheap power will lower costs and eventually prices for all consumers - not only on the power grid, but the costs of running businesses, and building more reliable charging stations for EVs. Geotheremal is obviously the best way to go, but with all the onsens, it would take longer to wait for them to change their minds. Like it or not we need power now. This is the reality.

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Australia's busy building commercial battery storage for renewable power generation, especially Solar and Wind in order to provide stable electricity supplies.

Guess what? They're shutting COAL power plants! In today's world you can have clean safe and reliable energy that's FAR more cost effective than Nuclear!

Japan's Problem = Special Nuclear Interests = Corruption

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