Japan approves increase in Fukushima compensation to $57 bln


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Mori Chibiko: " please explain to me how Japan Inc is corrupt."

Hahaha... thanks! I got my morning laugh from this.

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Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), the operator of the wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station, will receive ¥950 billion more in public funds on top of the 6.125 trillion agreed earlier, the utility and the government said.


Tepco will receive first. Not victims first. Expect we will hear more terrible living condition of victims.

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please explain to me how Japan Inc is corrupt.

Um, how about cleanup workers' wages being skimmed by yakuza contractors who inflate the contract costs. How about relief funds being used to promote Sky Tree or build seawalls in Okinawa. How about Tepco making billions in profits for its shareholders while tens of thousands of people still live in temporary housing four years after the disaster.

Those for starters.

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I find myself thinking that this is done more in an attempt to fix Abe's failing ratings that out of any feeling of compassion for the people in Fukushima.

Or am I getting cynical in my old age?

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remain in temporary housing more than four years after the disaster.

remain in temporary housing more than four years after the disaster.

remain in temporary housing more than four years after the disaster.

remain in temporary housing more than four years after the disasteer

Japan doesn't care about Japanese people. So sad.

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Meanwhile, TEPCO is making record profits... Why are the tax payers on the hook for paying for TEPCO's mistakes? This is so outrages.

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No doubt the bars and restaurant in Ginza and Akasaka will be smiling with glee.

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How sad to see such a lack of faith in our Dear Leader....

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So they increase tax payouts to TEPCO but not to those still in shelters???? Very Sad

TEPCO execs should be in jail, not receiving awards

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as tens of thousands of evacuees remain in temporary housing more than four years after the disaster.

Instead of worrying about the stupid Olympic stadium, focus on getting these people back into houses. The immediate vicinity around the plants will be radioactive for a long time - so build proper homes for them for crying out loud. It's been more than 4 years now. This prevarication is inexcusable

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Ah, Abe is turning to buying votes now. Hmmm ... signs of desperation?

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Cripes, just who is receiving this flood of cash? The spigot got turned on and there seems to be no stopping it.

And whomever suggested that Japan Inc isn't corrupt should take a hard look at this!

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What the...?! This is absolutely disgraceful on so many levels.

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So sad, padding the pockets of the Yakuza even more, nothing is close to complete and the people suffering is a disgrace. I hope someone calls Japan on it before the Olympics.

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All taxpayers should get stock of TEPCO in exchange. Why public should pay the 25% increase bill to rescue TEPCO while there could be alternatives.

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No, I suspect that more cynical view is not so far from the reality: Probably these people are kept in this way to squeeze more money, which is good for faceless bureaucrats, TEPCO and atomic mafia. This is ridiculous but, probably, we are yet to see more ridiculous things since the same story will most likely to continue due to its structural origin. There are tons of problems in Japan and nuclear industry, which is tied to military industry. So, basically, these people are victims of both natural and political disaster-and politics is not only limited within Japan as in the case of the security bill issue. cf. The U.S.-Japan Alliance anchoring stability in asia or so-called Armitage report (

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This is an interesting choice of words for the headline. If we read the article, a more accurate phrasing would be:

"Abe sends nearly a trillion more of taxpayers' yen to his buddies at TEPCO and their yakuza partners, while Tohoku victims continue to live in sheds, forgotten".

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Smokescreen (?) while Tepco attempts to remove fuel rods from No 1, and even more worryingly the 20-ton rod extractor that fell into the pool of No.3. They'll get the money whatever happens, and however people may or may not protest, but perhaps they are happier with everyone looking that way at the moment..

The area around No.3 is so radioactive that they are using remotely-operated cranes to grip and lift the thing out, but their greatest concern is that it might slip and fall back in, damaging some of those 500 fuel rods in the pool. A bent or damaged fuel rod may then be impossible to lift out, and might even be highly dangerous.

Gotta be done though, and they'll appreciate the breathing space to do it.

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Yubaru: please explain to me how Japan Inc is corrupt. They just don't want people to get hurt medically from the disaster.

Answer to the second question first, BS, BS, and more BS, if "they" were so concerned about "health" then why have the refugees been living in substandard shelters for 4 years? If they were worried about health why are they flooding TEPCO with money to deal with the problem when they have shown no ability to get the job done properly? If they are worried about health issues then why are more people committing suicide because of the disaster? (Health includes mental health too)

TEPCO doesnt give a s**t about the average Japanese person, they just care about more money for them. That is corrupt.

Tell you how Japan Inc is corrupt? You first have to be willing to listen, and that I doubt is possible because you obviously have preconceived ideas and thoughts on the issue.

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Japan approves increase in Fukushima compensation to $57 bln.

To put this in perspective, according to USA Today, the final net cost to the U.S. taxpayers for the bailout of the U.S. auto industry came to $9.3 billion. The Japanese taxpayers have already funded $57.0 billion -- or about 6 times the cost -- just for TEPCO/Fukushima. (And that will certainly go higher as the "decades" of clean-up continues.) And the U.S. auto industry is responsible for 3% of all the employment here. Enough said.

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Yubaru: please explain to me how Japan Inc is corrupt. They just don't want people to get hurt medically from the disaster.

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