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Japan at crossroads on virus outbreak, expert warns

By Sara Hussein

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"These kind of ways may have not been perfect."

Ya think?

classic understatement.

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Feeling short of breath and feverish (try not to go to work-urge!) self isolate,not shopping for food.

Four days later (feeling sick now?) visit the hospital where (feeling lucky)? you might be tested and admitted....

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if the secondary infections from the passengers of the cruise happen, we have to really think about it

How about start thinking now, not when the "action" is going on?

But maybe this task is too difficult, too.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Why can't japan build temperory centres like China ???. The gov't is still debating in public and specialists

still not sure, then why is nothing done ???. If half the population is wipe out. ???..........................

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It's safe t assume that secondary infections have already happened. You can safely start to "THINK" about it now, no need to wait.

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But he said the government had faced a difficult situation with limited capacity to conduct a quarantine onshore and pressure not to put those on board through a second isolation period.

W T ?

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"The process with the quarantine has not been perfect," Ohmagari said. "I think that is a fact, we are now seeing it."

Double face-palm! DOH!!! Like you folks really expect people to believe ANYTHING you say from here on out?

4 ( +5 / -1 )

significant possibility for the containment or the elimination of this COVID-19," he said.

He conceded however there is still significant uncertainty

So he said nothing .. with certainty..

2 ( +2 / -0 )

His masters mouthpiece.

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Australia saying they plan quarantine people in sports stadiums if it gets out of hand. At least it's a concrete measure and people know what to expect.

Meanwhile, Japan is rushing to get 500 distributed by next week. Well, that's 4 per person.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Four days later (feeling sick now?) visit the hospital where (feeling lucky)? you might be tested and admitted....

Well, no. You need to call a number and get advice. You're not supposed to just rock up. 

But some idiots with symtoms have been getting desperate and visiting local small clinics, so many of them have now begun moving toward a complete phone booking system, for ALL patients.

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Correction to previous post:

Meanwhile, Japan is rushing to get 500 MILLION MASKS distributed by next week. Well, that's 4 per person.

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Speaking of "cross roads", I wonder why SK can set up drive through testing stations, (on the news tonight) and Japan can't even get people tested that NEED it?

The video report showed the nurses and doctors testing people in their cars, through partially opened windows. It lessens contact between possible infected people and healthy one's AND more importantly relieves some of the anxiety of the people getting tested!

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PM Abe will close down all schools for two weeks from March 2

1 ( +2 / -1 )

@zichi Just saw the news.

PM just reading a statement head down from a piece of paper. No additional comments.

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Yep asking ALL schools to close down until the Spring break. That means they will reopen for the new semester in April, if this goes away.

Cancellations of all kinds of events now. People beginning to be turned away from hospitals, because they are overloaded; doctors can't get through to arrange for virus testing even if patient comes in with symptoms....

If I were you, I'd stock up on enough supplies for a month or so. This is about to get really ugly.

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The government's handling of the crisis has come under scrutiny internationally and domestically, with opposition lawmakers questioning the relatively low number of tests administered in Japan -- just over 1,000 nationwide, compared to 57,000 in South Korea.

Therein lies the problem.

The 'if we don't test for Coronavirus, we won't get more confirmed cases' should just be an internet meme, but that seems to be how the J-Govt is approaching this deadly outbreak.

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"If we can contain the secondary transmission within the country... I think that's a very good sign, and it's a very good signal for us to decide 'go' for the Olympics and Paralympics."

Please. There are too many fat cats with too many fingers in too many pies for the Olympics to receive a "no" decision.

There will be a Fukushima-style "everything is under control" proclamation and people will die.

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As I have said, based on the continuing climb in confirmed cases world-wide, it's not if the Olympics will be cancelled but when they will announce it. South Korea alone had 505 new cases compared to 450 new cases in China (if you can believe China's numbers are real). Even if Japan somehow manages to control the spread within its borders, what about the rest of the world? Is Japan going to hold the Olympics in a bubble and quarantine everyone entering Japan for 14 days prior to letting them loose in the general population?

Source of the numbers above can be found at the URL below:

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Everybody knows Trump is lying, they call him out openly, Trump do not have the basis knowledge of science or medicine,we fortunately that all Americans do follow our leadership off a Cliff

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By limiting the test, we can effectively contain the spread of the virus. Dont ask don't tell works!

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The expert and the Abe govt still don't get it. Identify the source of the virus first, to make sure there is no potential domestic reason for the disease.

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KnowBetter, if you don't believe China's data, then get your own data. Spread fake information is as bad as spread viruses.

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A real scenario is that Covid-19 will stay even after a two-week emergency period. We may have to "co-exist" with it, but can minimize the impact of local and seasonal endemic just like cases of other viruses. In weeks to come we will be better and more prepared.

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The government has done a good job under a tough situation with no easy fix or solution! That's the part you won't hear about.

In Japan is stabilizing with most cases happening on that cruise ship we keep hearing about 24/7 for the last few weeks.

Japan is safe and the measures taken are necessary to make sure it stays that way. Working together with China and the rest of the world is the right step forward.

This virus is temporary and it will pass, let's remember that part. Fear mongering, racism or anti-China sentiments towards our neighbor won't benefit Japan, won't help with the virus spreading, won't help us in the long run... Different lands same Sky.

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