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Japan backs off pregnancy clause for Syrian refugees


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Great article

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up to 150 Syrian students over five years from 2017.

Is that really worth a mention? Embarrassing. 150 and their families is tiny. I know my Japanese friends have huge hearts, sadly their govt doesn't seem to reflect that with these numbers.

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Good to see Japan won't be overrun by immigrants then....

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Is that really worth a mention? Embarrassing. 150 and their families is tiny. I know my Japanese friends have huge hearts, sadly their govt doesn't seem to reflect that with these numbers.

agree 100%. Those 150 are better off applying somewhere else.

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Accept only a small number of people so that we can keep track of them.

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Accept only a small number of people so that we can keep track of them.

You'll be doing it personally, will you?

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I'm glad Japan is being cautious about this. Ever been to Los Angeles where the streets are often flooded with illegal immigrants blocking traffic, protesting, and demanding their "rights"?

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"...pregnant women are not welcome to apply.".

I thought I had heard enough appalling things about Japan's immigrant policies. Now this.

5 ( +13 / -8 )

How the hell would you prove if a woman is pregnant or not? Tape measure? Gynecological exams at the immigration office? Supervised pregnancy tests? That idea was about as stupid as freezing all those dead fish in the ice rink.

0 ( +8 / -8 )

In my experience, "and their families" means that each students will bring their spouse and 3 or more kids. So this 150 may be closer to 750+ in reality. Still a drop in the bucket.

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It's high time the world stopped accepting refugees from Syria and band together to stop the war.

10 ( +19 / -9 )

Mike L,

In my experience

Of Syrians? Please continue...

2 ( +10 / -8 )

The Syrian students at the university I work at often come as a family - spouse, kids and then often have more kids while they are here. Enough for you?

11 ( +15 / -4 )

150! I can just imagine the spike in the crime rate! Panic in the streets!

6 ( +10 / -4 )

Japan with a Population over a 100,000,000 how can they accept a large number of Refugees? How can they accept the same number of Refugees as other Countries with more land and a smaller population?

-7 ( +7 / -14 )

Thanks, Mike L.

Still a drop in the bucket, as you say.

0 ( +4 / -4 )

Wouldnt be long before first Islamic State inspired attack in Japan. Especially considering how soft a target Japan is.

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Dear war-torn Syria,

We'll take your refugees, as long as they are young, studious, productive, and plan to go back to Syria ASAP. We will send one charter plane, and no more. Please choose wisely.

-your friend, Japan

13 ( +16 / -4 )

Aleppo I remember that nuclear weapons was never a global issue in the news

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AFP: Japan backs off pregnancy clause for Syrian refugees

I don't see the reasoning behind 'backing off'.

Does Japan have birthright citizenship? Wasn't that Thai-Japanese kid born in Japan?

6 ( +8 / -3 )

You'd think the powers that be would be grateful to have more foreigners to blame for all Japan's crime and social problems.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

Japan should have stayed with the original plan of zero refugees. I have been to Japan, I know the language well enough and work for a very large Japanese company but I am not Japanese so I have dome impartial perspective. Japan is not a country ready to deal with violent insurgents such as those currently roaming Germany and Sweden raping women, setting up lawless enclaves and committing acts of murder and theft with occasional riots and protests. Japan's culture if "not causing trouble" would basically allow these refugee men to rape with impunity because few Japanese women will report the crimes to "not cause trouble" I have, seen Japan's idea of protest, well organized people who stage peaceful protests with matching tshirts and signs. They do not randomly show up flipping cars, burning and looting with gang rapes and lynchings. Japan is one of the few countries untouched by the unevolved middle eastern theocratic cultures and no history with the dystopian culture from that area or the conflicts between all of the sides. Japan should keep it this way, stay out of the mess

4 ( +21 / -17 )

I completely agree with Todd Topolski! Don't need the trouble that comes along with asylum seekers. Just look at Europe it's a mess.

1 ( +16 / -15 )

"Is that really worth a mention? Embarrassing. 150 and their families is tiny. I know my Japanese friends have huge hearts, sadly their govt doesn't seem to reflect that with these numbers."

I honestly think the majority of Japanese people would be against increasing the number of refugees into the thousands and particularly from war-torn, Muslim-majority countries. The news they are reading from Europe will only reinforce this.

I'm off to the UK tonight. I've already had coworkers telling me to take care in 'dangerous' Europe. It's certainly an overreaction but the narrative of a safe Japan as opposed to dangerous 'foreign' countries is a powerful one.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

Wild west try to oust German from their country and see what will never happened .someone will be forever stuck in the peaceful past

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150 too many

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'the program’s main focus was “not to rescue the underprivileged but to educate personnel” for Syria’s reconstruction.'

So you guys reaaalllyy don't want to help the refugee problem at all. Japan isn't concerned about the health and safety of people who's country has become war-torn. Maybe Japan is just doing this for their public image. "Look we're planning to take in 150 refugees in 5 years. That averages to about 30 refugees a year. Isn't this much better than last year when we took in 27?"

4 ( +6 / -2 )

Originally, it included the line: “Pregnant applicants are not recommended to apply,” according to Amnesty

Whatever your opinion on refugees or Japan's policy towards them, I think it makes sense to remind expectant mothers that this is a special program designed for students. It's clearly going to require alot of time and effort on their part. If they end up spending their entire stay in Japan exhausted and caring for a newborn, they will have just squandered 1 of the 150 places that could have been taken up by another Syrian student. I assume people who are illiterate or have severe learning disabilities will also be disuaded from applying. It just makes sense even if it's more politically correct to leave it unsaid.

As far as Amnesty International, I'm old enough to remember when they actually spent their time advocating for the release of political prisoners. I even used to give them money. It's a shame that now they just latch onto these faux controversies and try to create a storm in their social justice teacup.

@Jimizo, have a nice flight. (remember to pack some genuine Toblerones for your family and friends behind the Brexit curtain :)

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I am surprised that they didn't change this clause into "all refugees will be neutered upon arrival.

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no, we dont want refugees in Japan, as clearly as that. Japan has nothing to do with that conflict and Islam as all Semitic religions is a plague.

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Todd said it right.

Toshiko said it wrong. I probably pay more taxes per year than she does ina 10.

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According France experience, many refugee Pregnant Women born the French speaking neutralized citizens. Sadly 0.01% born in France have grown up with radicalized extremist ideology. The consequence is French can not enjoy their outing, partying at night life and shopping as before. 0.01% of rotten tomatoes can easily slaughter 1000 people with modern weapons.

Japanese speaking Syrian descendants will be very hard to assimilate with Japanese main stream society when they become adults. Japanese even have not accepted Brazil and Peru born Japanese as one of their own. The consequence is Japan will become another France.

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Message from Australia to Japan. Dont take them in ...not one. Be proud of your immigration rules. To bad the Australian Gov doesn't take note. As our unemployment payments for our " New Arrivals " is trashing the country And causing unrest in our community.

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A good chance for Japan to finally put it's mouth where it's money is always flying to -- and not have it be just lip-service. Let more people in; it's the only way to solving the myriad of problems Japan faces for its future.

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The " misunderstanding" about pregnant women is already well understood by the Implementors of the program. They will make it as difficult as possible if not impossible for the targeted group. Masters of Orwellian double speak!

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the universities are the ones that asked for these students

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Well, Japan has nice culture, wealth, doctors, experts... but they will need more young adults to work and pay tax.

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The reason they "recommended" pregnant women do not apply was demonstrated in the recent court orders for children of refugee applicants to be deported from Japan.

Japan has no intention of ever letting these people stay here, and in the future the immigration bureau is likely to deem that their time is up and whether or not the kids were born here, the parents are not Japanese so the children will have absolutely no rights.

I feel sorry for any women who end up here that did not specifically ask to come here and I feel especially sorry for any women who are misled about the reality they are going to face in Japan. For some of them the improvements in living conditions may not be much. I'm sure that for some of those women anything would be better than Syria but not for all. They're going to find it very hard to exist in this country when the government is working its very best to crush them and render them invisible.

Read about how Subaru treats people like these women. Virtually enslaved.

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