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Japan boosts military outlays to counter Chinese navy


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I wonder if it's possible to reconfigure the helicopter carrier to accommodate the VSTL variant of the F-35 Lightning. Then Japan would actually have a force projection capability.

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Get stronger japan so you can counter the threat from china, this Chinese threat is not a perceived threat either it is very real so take it seriously and don't listen to the opponents.

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I wonder if it's possible to reconfigure the helicopter carrier to accommodate the VSTL variant of the F-35 Lightning.

Possible according to this article. But Japan does not have any F35s yet.


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The Chinese are a bluff. Plus, they'd be stupid to start war with Japan or anyone for that matter.

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The Chinese are always at it.... They just don't learn.

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" The Japanese military is planning to introduce an amphibious landing force, akin to the U.S. marines, that could be deployed to defend outlying islands or landed to recover territory captured by a foreign invader. "

...and they will need it, too! Ask the Vietnamese about their experience with China, They failed to protect the Paracel islands, and one day, this Vietnamese territory had suddenly been annexed by Chinese forces.

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The Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force is the second-largest and second-most capable navy next to the U.S. navy,” says retired Admiral Yoji Koda.

What's Admiral Koda been smoking? The Russian Navy and British Navy are bigger and better equipped.

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In any case the presence of the Chinese Communist government is an annoying anachronism let alone overseas but also for the Chinese people.

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When I read some of the comments on JT regarding the ongoing political disputes between Japan,China,Korea and the US I have to wonder if the writers are aware or have been caught up in a war or even a natural disaster. Me I am a dreamer and a pacifist, there are no winners in a war, unless you count the corporate 1%. Ask the survivors, those who have lost everything, family, friends ,all their possessions , ask them if they think conflicts are a just way of settling disputes. We as a species have learnt nothing in our time on this earth, history proves that, and no one learns. If your angry take it up with the political establishment , those same politicians the public put in office. I have dreamt of a peaceful world avoid of conflict and hunger, a safe world for mine and everyone else's children and grandchildren to grow up in, but then again its only my dream.

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Minello, you cant avoid war, its inevitable. Thats the cold truth.

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Our political leaders have learn too much the evil ways of the americans, always finding an enemy and muscle up for war. The americans love war, killing innocent people and stiring up issues to make money for their arms sellers.

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BlueSushiRedRamen: can't is a word is that is easily and readily used our daily existence,a convenience word. Can't is a word that should not exist in the human vocabulary , because everything is possible.

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China’s growing maritime power has emerged as the biggest challenge to the Japanese military since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Thought the Japanese say they hadn't a military force but Self Defence Force.

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killing innocent people

Something China has a lot of experience with.

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Hmm I have trained with US forces, we were always meant as a team. Take a close look at the PRC ships. Obsolete trash! Like slow fat whales, man the harpoons!

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we can all dream about peace. But in the real world, there are aggressors like China, and you can either stand up to them or be victimized by them. What do you prefer?

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A .8% increase? Really? Wow, Japan is being really pro-active. Especially after years of shrinking budgets.

What's Admiral Koda been smoking? The Russian Navy and British Navy are bigger and better equipped.

Russians ok, but the British? 30 years ago, maybe, but definitely not today. The British navy is a shadow of its former self. The reality is, the PRC navy is much, much stronger than Japans MSDF. Only the US and Russia have more power. Depending on Ship types, NK and the PRC both have almost as many subs as the US does. If it comes to shooting, Japan will fire a few shots for honors sake, and then scream for the US to come rescue them. Thats really the only thing Japan can do with the forces at their command.

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The Chinese might have obsolete equipment (I don't think all of it) but they have numbers. The Russians were believed to have obsolete equipment but managed to crush the best of German engineering by weight of numbers. War is not an option it's a disaster. Apparently there are smarter people than me pushing this, but I do feel that an accommodation by both sides could be reached, and I am not talking about a Chambalin "peace in our time" type. The cost of a conflict in people and national revenue are astronomical and saddening, no one wants to be bombed or have to be told their child is dead. This hyped up aggressive posture by both sides historically has never ended well. Oops that's right neither side recognises History.

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The Iraqi military armed with the same had numbers over the Americans. A over million man army, two perhaps three to one. In any case they do not have numbers, only man power.

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WilliB: there are many countries around the world who's populations think certain countries are aggressors, and you don't need much common sense to work that one out.

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Personally I don't think that the Chinese are being aggressive at all. They were forcefully sold narcotics, invaded, raped, and generally for a hundred years brought to their knees, and now they want a little bit of recompense. If the Chinese were American they would have nuked Japan into the Pacific, but all they are asking for is a rock, to show contrition (a la Persian "Earth and Water" perhaps). And Japan should give it to them (the senkaku's) or at least half. If the Japanese do not realise that they pinched those islands - under cover of the first Sino Japanese war - it is because they being fed cool aid or are still thinking in a Western/imperialist way. Further, the Japanese should stop teaming up with America. China would make a far better ally. China is not nearly as belligerent, and of course, geographically and culturally far closer. Alas, it seems it is going to take a war before Japan and China become friends. I don't think that America really would team up with Japan against China anyway. Perhaps when the Japanese realise this, and the Chinese continue to show mercy, they will at last realise who their friends are.

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" there are many countries around the world who's populations think certain countries are aggressors, and you don't need much common sense to work that one out. "

I am not talking about what some people "think". Chinese aggression is a fact that you can read up on. And unilaterally declaring that parts of another country belong to your airspace is not some opinion of some people, it is an aggressive action that is a fact.

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The Russians were believed to have obsolete equipment but managed to crush the best of German engineering by weight of numbers.

On land.

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Yes the Japanese carriers can operate an air group, once they aquire the right planes.

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From the way it provokes, it's easy to see Chinese real target is Japan, after that N and S Korea, and Taiwan (it already has). Time to stop dreaming about getting free defense lunch out of USA, this is Japan's life-and-death issue.

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WilliB: an interesting link here for you : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...ons_since_1945 : this is just one of the countries i was thinking of

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minello: Your link gives: "The page "Listof...onssince 1945" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered. For search help, please visit Help:Searching."

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China's clumsy land grabs at the expense of many of its Asian neighbors (not just Japan) only serve to drive these countries together as they seek to counter the threat of Communist aggression. It's too ironic that the slick-haired buffoons running the Politburo over in Beijing are actually enabling their worst nightmare to fruition: an anti-Chinese, pan-Asian cooperation that serves to legitimize American power projection in the Pacific for the next 50 years and beyond!

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WilliB;my apologies about the link :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._foreign_interventions_since_1945: thats working

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Without US foreign intervention since time immemorial we are all citizens of Gestapo, KGB, Mao now.

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China is not going for the Senkakkus only, they want the entire archipielago. I remember words that people said that United States the Empire will fall, but im seeing that the one thats going to fall is China Someday. They live in the past. just like the rude people at ROK.

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Yup, overchan. Look at it from China's perspective.

That whole sea out there is theirs, including any islands and resources therein. Maybe there are people living on some of the islands, but they are insignificant. Just fluff that needs sweeping away from the front doorstep. The Koreans, the Taiwanese, the Filipinos, Malays, Vietnamese, Indonesians, all inconsequential peoples, probably originally semi-Chinese anyway. The Japanese are different, though. Slightly problematical. The Chinese love to hate the Japanese. They were probably hoping that everyone else would join them in hating them too.

Chinese politicians must be wondering why things are not going exactly the way they had planned...

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"Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name."

Anyway, I see what you want to do. You want to relativize China`s land grab with a list US interventions which span the range from necessary to ill-advised. But that is irrelevant to the issue. Both the ex USSR and the USA have been tossing their weight around. But only China has an unbroken record of annexing other countries (Tibet), laying claims to others (Taiwan, India, Russia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Japan), and starting border wars with neighbours (Vietnam) for political reasons. And this already before China achieved its current strength. As China gets stronger, it will only get more aggressive, unless it radically changes its political system.

And that is a fact. Wishing for peace does not make Chinese aggression go away. We have to face it.

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WilliB well said ! China had and will always behave like a insolent child that needs to be reprimanded. If people think this issue is going to be resolved through dialog then they will be sorely be mistaken.

Reading the news from different countries there isn't any ( worth taking note of ) that is impressed with China's actions or isn't not worried about the increased aggression China has been displaying through the recent years ...Rumsy asked china directly when he was in ...hey what's with the increased spending ...no one is threatening you (China)

Forecast is strong and stormy with lots of innocent misled people perishing in china, there would be no way for China to back down gracefully ( out of pride and ignorance ) so they will do exactly like one of their generals said and use nuclear tactics if the USA intervenes ...I'd call this a sudden implementation of population control...with the worlds most populated country taking the biggest loss.

China get out of the past ...get a grip ...keep using monetary tools to keep being a major player.

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"Hmm I have trained with US forces, we were always meant as a team. Take a close look at the PRC ships. Obsolete trash! Like slow fat whales, man the harpoons!"


I agree with you 100%.

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Japanese fighting ability has completely atrophied. Keeping the US here as your protector has made the Japanese fighting spirit flabby and weak. If the US walked away from Japan, the Japanese leaders would be lining up in Beijing to kiss whichever Chinese official is in power's derriere...a big wet kiss on the behind...LOL!

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Appeasing China by 'simply giving them a couple of islands' isn't going to stop the commies from wanting more.

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I for one am happy that Japan has a government that sees the PRC and other rogue states for what they truly are, great threats to peace.

I am so glad that this Government sees that the only way to truly protect itself and aid it's allies is by having a stronger military that will be able to defeat any and all threats without restrictions.

I jump for joy every day that the DPJ is no longer in power! Imagine if Hatoyama, Noda or even worse if Makiko Tanaka had become PM!

They would have turned the keys of freedom over to their Communist masters last year if Abe had not come to his senses and taken power!

Now, all that Japan needs to do is rid itself of Article 9 and any other chains of the past and start building it's military properly.

I would love to see a stronger Japanese military aiding it's allies against any and all threats. Now, I am not saying that the present Japanese is not strong at all. The JSDF is considered one of the best fighting forces in Asia, but it has been limited and hampered by Article 9.

Once Article 9 is buried and a stake driven through it the JSDF can then shed it's chains and do what it can do to protect Japan and aid it's allies against the enemies of true freedom...

A shield and sword should only be sheathed when the enemies are no more. Right now Japan has many enemies and few true friends.

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Read "The Three Kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong for an insight into subconscious Chinese military thinking. Those 2,340 pages will fly by. Brilliant book and still very valid today. Those ancient generals studied the art and psychology of war and boasted and paraded in front of each other in splendid displays of force. Got the gold? Got the equipment? Got the troops? Got the food and provisions? Time for marvellous action once again! Which country do we attack? Who is weakest?

Let us hope there is still enough common sense within China to distract this timeless mindset.

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Guess it's time to buy a boatload of stocks in US weapons manufacturers.

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Or Japanese shipbuilders. A lot of the coming increased orders for arms will be made domestically.

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