Japan braces for powerful tropical storm during peak holiday period

By Charly Triballeau

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So far, a big bust in Kita Osaka. A little drizzle this morning. Some light breezing all day. Fine by me.

I don't mind having wasted my time battening down everything, if it means my garden is left unscathed.

But, my phone alert sounded a little while ago. So, maybe it's still on its way. It's just taking its damn time getting here.

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bring it. the Sea of Japan coast needs some damp love

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Osaka probably won't cop the brunt of it, but there's a bit of wind around. Was watching the planes land at Itami last night, and it's one of those days when the pilots' training really comes in handy. Planes were wobbling about and dong those fascinating crab landings. Very impressive.

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Rain water seepage in the kitchen, which was an unexpected headache.

Still, that's minor stuff compared to what could happen. Stay safe, all.

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The typhoon seems very powerful, as the wind is very strong even in S. Korea and the waves are fierce in the coast. Heavy rain is expected in the eastern part of S. Korea. I am going to stay in the western part.

And there are always a few people who dare to have a BBQ party outdoors when the typhoon approaches. It is rare, but ubiquitous.

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Educator60, this too is true. Thanks for the new angle on it.

To weigh it down I have tied the garage uprights to the car inside, and also to surrounding trees... if the old car lifts away we’ll know how strong the winds are!

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Nandakandamanda, “I could be liable for any accidents caused.”

Or it could be like a typhoon I experienced. The whole town and surrounding areas was littered with uncountable sections of mangled roof tin (with an occasional actual roof itself) and all sorts of other debris. It was impossible to tell which bits of tin were from which roofs. As far as I know, no one tried to hold anyone responsible for anything.

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The rain forecast of 1000 mm is crazy, all the Japanese residents in affected area should evacuate immediately.

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Liability: Your liability is extensive. Japan is not, yet, as litigious as The USA, but any injury or damage caused by any part of your property, or property you have control of, is your responsibility.

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Our home is only 30 years old, and steel frame. It withstood last year's big typhoon (and earthquake, too) just fine. Only lost one hedge, and a tree was blown over. But I was able to right it, and it's still doing okay!

Living on the top of a hill also eases one's mind regarding flooding, as well. We save a little on homeowner's insurance by not requiring flood coverage.

I'm just annoyed that I might lose my flower and vegetable gardens, which is something I only got going recently. I hope I don't have to start over from scratch. It's too damn hot!

To all my West Japan JT people, good luck. And, may your internet connections remain unbroken.

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We lost some large roof tiles last summer, including one of those massive oni-gawara 鬼瓦. Although everyone in the valley was given evacuation orders, the 'collapsing' local dam held up, and the house is on relatively higher ground besides, so we were very lucky.

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From the forecasts and reports I have seen it looks like this will be pretty horrible as it doesn’t seem at the moment to be losing power.

Definitely batten down the hatches weather.

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"The local evac centers are run and running."

Perhaps you meant: The local evacUATION centres are UP and running...?

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Take care, peeps.

At least three people disagree with this sentiment. Repuganant.

Stay safe, everyone.

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Thanks zichi. Very clear. Although rented property, the garage itself is something I put up many years ago. It definitely needs junking. Gives me kittens every typhoon season.

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zichi - maybe he actually meant that! (^^)

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check out your home insurance for third party liability. If it does survive this storm sounds like the right time to knock it down and install a car port.

Basically if you or your property hurts another, like a roof tile falling off, you or landlord if rented property, are liable.

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My old garage is made of rusted pipe and cracked and holed vinyl. Someone told me that if it gets lifted up in a strong gust and blown onto the highway I could be liable for any accidents caused. I have tied everything down, but I wonder how far such liability goes...

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Stay safe everyone and please don't stay out of the beaches until its safe.

I think you mean

stay off the beaches until its safe.

In Tatsuno, Shinmako Beach, the wind is up. Shutters closed. Garden stuff put away. potted plants moved in doors. Expect heavy rain and wind tomorrow.

The local evac centers are run and running.

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Our local Kochi community centre is open for old folk. Best not to wait until it is dark.

Currently valid Warnings/Advisories.......Updated regularly

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Stay safe everyone and please don't stay out of the beaches until its safe.

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Take care, peeps.

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