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Powerful typhoon expected to make landfall over northeast Japan


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Be safe people, the winds can be dealt with if folks stay inside, it's the heavy rains that are accompanying this storm that could wreak havoc. The ground in many places is already swollen with water from the last typhoon and this one has the potential to dump record setting amounts of rain in areas that are ill prepared to deal with it. Landslides are a bigger problem, and I hope people take the warnings to heart and evacuate when and if necessary.

Sadly too many people wait until it's too late and get caught up in the landslide or aftermath. Mainlander's are not accustomed to storms like this and all necessary precautions should be taken.

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Although it looks like Tokyo isn't going to suffer much disruption - it seems like it's already on the way out where I m, little more than a light rain - it looks like when it changes trajectory later on it's going to slam full-force into Fukushima.

Let's hope things don't get even worse over there. We might have to divert money from the Olympics back to where it should have been used in the first place.

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“The most significant factor will be heavy rain,”..=. doshaburi. If so, daijobu =safe, should be alright.

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“The most significant factor will be heavy rain,”..=. doshaburi. If so, daijobu =safe, should be alright.

Who you? It's not the sudden squall we are talking about, it's long sustained rainfalls that in some areas will go over 700mm for the storm, which is close to what they get in one calendar year, in areas that are already swollen with water.

Something has to give, and that typically means mountains, and rivers that run through those mountains, overflowing, and flooding low lying areas.

YOU may be alright, and I am glad for you, but there are literally millions that potentially may NOT be alright and it's them who need to take care.

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If its so "powerful" why do we still have to work today?

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Good luck with THAT Spongebob.

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Everyone seems to have got accustomed. Typhoons will come every year.

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I wonder how many old guys will choose this as the perfect time to adjust their TV antennas or check their roofing.

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Missed us here in Hachioji, barely got any rain

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The worst of it is going to hit northern Japan. The brunt of the storm will miss Tokyo, thankfully.

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It's directly East of Tokyo right now (well, at 9am), headed north, and the rain is minimal. Looks like it's not going to be an issue for those of us in not in the North. What happens for/to them is still to be seen.

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All I know is that I'll have this tune in my head all day. From the days when the Chemical Brothers were actually good.


Lionrock Sound System!

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So this is different from the heavy rains all day yesterday.

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So far only the name "Lionrock" sounds powerful.

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This is a good opportunity for Tepco to get rid of some of that liquid nuclear waste by allowing it to be washed out to sea. All very regrettable, deep bows, increased bonus. But don't worry: the government will order a news blackout using their secrecy legislation and nobody will be any the wiser.

Meanwhile, I think I'll climb up on the roof to check the tiles before heading down for a look at the river.

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Boy, those weather forecasters were really on the ball with this one!! Hope everyone else here in the Tokyo area managed to survive that devastating onslaught of light rain.

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Boy, those weather forecasters were really on the ball with this one!! Hope everyone else here in the Tokyo area managed to survive that devastating onslaught of light rain.

It was pretty torrential here. The wind wasn't that bad, but I'd rather waste time bringing stuff in from the garden than have the garden flattened. Again.

Meanwhile the folk up in Tohoku are still looking at the possibility of a month's-worth of rain dropping on them in the space of a few hours. I hope they're prepared.

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Tohoku checking in. Miyagi. Pretty much everything was cancelled here today. It is pretty much what I have been complaining about for the last week or so. As the whole world apparently has been experiencing some shortage of water, we have had plenty, thank you. I had a butt load of rain water before the last two typhoons and I got another butt load last night and today.

This storm is lingering and it just keeps dumping the windy rain that comes in sideways. Don't even bother with an umbrella. Some of you know what I am talking about. It is not even close to the worst wind or the worst rain I have ever been in, but it has been going now for about 24 hours and so it gets points for persistence. It adds up, and a pretty good size quake now would get a lot of areas sliding like a wedding cake down a staircase.

One would think that cancelling schools and various services is pretty wimpy, but these typhoon things have a way of going from a 3 to an 11 for no particular reason or pattern. An abundance of caution caused the powers that be to just cancel various events in advance. I don't think we have had an impressive typhoon for several years now. That is a good thing.

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Everyone please stay safe and be prepared.

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May lionrock bring a packet of peace. MR DJ!

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The silver lining is that this ends the drought, if the officials don't mess things up.

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Seems like this typhoon is no longer deemed newsworthy, like much else in Tohoku: oh well. A lot of rain yesterday here in Miyagi, but not much damage.

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