Japan braces for typhoon Neoguri


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They ALWAYS issue storm warnings for Kansai and they never, ever come to anything more than a bit of a windy day.

That's good isn't it?

In the past few years there have been incidents of severe flooding in Hyogo-ken. The Kakogawa overflowed in Nishiwaki flooded all low-lying areas there to chest height. Sayo had terrible flooding, and there were incidents of landslides with people killed, so while it may be nothing much in your neighborhood that doesn't mean that all of Kansai is unscathed.

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Okinawa is well prepared for Typhoons. Most buildings are reinforced concrete. Those that are wooden are a typical Okinawan design that has stood the test of time. Normally traditional structures are surrounded by a coral block wall that can easily resist high winds and and even allow water to pass through helping to resist flooding. Except in very unusual circumstances the safest time tobe in Okinawa is in the middle of a Typhoon.You are much more likely to be injured during normal conditions (Traffic accidents) than during a Typhoon. All this is backed up by many years of statistics. So if you live in an area prone to Typhoons or Hurricanes, do as the Okinawan's do.

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I hope everyone is careful and village headmen and community leaders take good care of their residents. It is serious, not just a little rain. this one is a big one and may cause a lot of damage. The US forces have moved over 60 large aircraft from the base to other bases.and i can see that the Japanese authorities are issuing good warnings to all. Well done.

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Either you've never wintered in the U.K. or you've never experienced a bad typhoon.

Cars get blown over.

Electric power lines and telephone lines torn down (why on Earth they don't put them underground beats me).

People get killed.

Years ago there was a massive typhoon in Sapporo. They don't usually make it that far north, but this one did. The place was a wreck. Advertising boards sailing through the air. Trees uprooted. Cars overturned. Windows smashed. And the local government working overtime writing reports about it and holding long meetings to organise committees to decide what to do.


But, in Okinawa, they know about it, so they stock up with beer, awamori and nibbles and raise a glass to the typhoon that has given them a day off work.


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Quiet a few homes have lost electricity in Itoman, Uruma etc, difficult in that humidity am sure, stay safe Okinawa! Apparently only Omoromachi put its cables underground, good idea.

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One single typhoon with 14 meter high waves. (46 feet high)

Now how high are the sea walls 'protecting' nuclear power plants around the Japanese coasts?

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Keep your heads down, Okinawa folk. Images are just coming through of houses completely flattened, and enormous tsunami-like waves. Hope everyone can get safely into a concrete shelter and ride this thing out until weeks end.

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Quoted from the article above:

The Kadena Air Force Base, the biggest U.S. Air Force base in the Pacific

Why does this have to be housed on one of the smallest land masses in the Japanese island group?

And why do we have to put up with another one in Henoko?

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The typhoon is supposed to miss the island by some 150 km. Should still get heavy rains. Neoguri is going to miss most of the small island and then come in pass Nagasaki directly toward Kumamoto, through Oita then the western side of Shikoku then to kyoto. Makes for a very wet Japan.

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kimuzukashii: You're mostly right, but last year there were a couple that caused flooding in areas of Osaka after torrential rainfall and strong winds.

Anyway, it's been downgraded from super-typhoon, but hope everyone still exercises common sense and stays safe.

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It looks rough for Okinawa and Kyushu for sure.

But to be honest They ALWAYS issue storm warnings for Kansai and they never, ever come to anything more than a bit of a windy day.

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