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Japan, China coast guards take part in joint drills


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This is always good news to hear. Let's hope some good networking took place between the coast guards in hopes of staving off potential conflicts in the future.

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Acting their age, not their shoe size.

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China needs someone to kick their butt. They are too arrogant

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"Japan, China coast guards take part in joint drills"

"Japan warned Tuesday that China’s “dangerous acts” over territorial claims in the East China Sea could lead to “unintended consequences"


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What seems to have escaped everyone is that China's Coast Guard, a consolidation of the 5 Dragons, is unlike the other 5 Coast Guards participating in these drills. While every Coat Guard will protect it's national waters from unauthorized intrusion, how many will actively go and actively support a claim by physical presence? In other words, act not just in a law enforcement and S&R capacity but as a paramilitary service.

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Unbelievable, a day when China's government doesn't say one negative thing about Japan, keeps its mouth shut, and participates in drills with Japan.


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****Don't trust the Russians or the Chinese, they'll smile in your face and kick you in the ballsp and stab you in the back.

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How is it works? Me no understand......

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On the surface, they are not friendly. But they don't look like they will create WW III. EU and UK must be worrying what they really are.

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Unbelievable, a day when China's government doesn't say one negative thing about Japan, keeps its mouth shut, and participates in drills with Japan.

On a practical level, not the government, but the crews. Going to assume they were professional about it.

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China and Japan taking part in a joint drill? China and Japan working together? This is either a sign of the apocalypse, or an espionage venture. Call me pessimistic if you want, but I don't trust anything China does any more.

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Unfortunately its not the politicians behind the mess taking part in the drills. Its just the grunts who follow their orders and I doubt any of them have the stones to refuse bad orders.

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People here spew venom even when something positive is reported! How childish and lack of self confidence!

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japan and china drill !!! that reminds me of the mistake done by lyndon B. Johnson in vietnam

japan can pair with china and Russia and N. korea, the problem that S.korea arrogance will make them without allies in the pacific

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The drill is to find a Chinese spy ship coming around the drill? Navies enjoyed that game on RIMPAC 2014.

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Can WE ALL just get along?

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EU and UK must be worrying what they really are.>

Why? Does not compute.

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@Fandango: Can EU and UK believe USA is their friend ? China and Japan together hold huge US Bonds. Even they have joint miltiary drill.

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@toshiko "friend" would be stretching it. Acquaintance maybe, or "country that shows up to help in a war when it's pretty much decided already, then takes the credit for victory". The recent NSA spying debacle has frosted ties as well.

Even so, Japan and China participating in a drill seems pretty rare at best, unless you count their cat & mouse shadowing games as drills as well, because that happens all the time.

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