Aichi city serving edible cactus to help raise profile


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Cactus is abundant in calcium and other nutrition

I have no idea how it's best eaten, but that sounds like a good addition to a regular diet. Added to soup, stew or curry (if it's ok to cook it without killing off the nutrients) or blended in a smoothie or mixed with a liquid for a healthy drink. Good call Kasugai.

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I've eaten cactus in several dishes (soup, stews, tacos) and can confirm. "Nopal", as they call it in Mexico, is tasty, cheap, and highly nutritious.

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I feel sorry for the cactus in my garden. It’s on tonight’s menu after reading this.

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"Nopal", as they call it in Mexico, is tasty, cheap

In Mexico maybe, this this Japan. The special "Japanese cactus premium" will be added

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As fish moratoriums are the only future, this is a nice story for local resilience and increasing variety. I'll have to try it

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Here in California we eat a lot of different cuisines, including Mexican, which includes cactus. Cactus is one of my favorite dishes. Very tasty, and very healthy.

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I sure hope the chefs remove the spines.

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