Japan claims record for world's largest rice cracker


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Does it also taste like cardboard?

I'll take waste of food for 1000 Alex.

Name the town listed in Guinness for the largest Rice Cracker ever made.

Ahhhh, What is Seoul? Beeep, no sorry, What is Kioroshi. Kiooshi.

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“I hope that people all over the world will hear about our town because of this,” said Yamaguchi.

Ro which any smart reporter would have asked him if he can name the town with the biggest cookie? Hint in Japanese it would be called "Hiraishi" Who cares!

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Wow, there's a "World’s Largest Rice Cracker Committee"? Yikes!

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I hope this feat is approved and recognized by Guinness World Records.

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Makers are seeking person with world's largest mouth and the world's largest dipping bowl for promotional purposes.

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For the posters who said "who cares?", please ask that from the people who have successfully entered the guinness world records for much less appetizing feats (like longest nails, longest beard, loudest burp, ad nauseaum).

For the team, otsukare sama desu!

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No envy here for people being happy, unclouded with lots of free time available, just sometimes wonder, whether they could use their energy to do something useful.

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Finally! Thats the Japan we know and love.

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It would be a great gesture if they send it to a Fukushima shelter.

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just sometimes wonder, whether they could use their energy to do something useful.

Have you ever considered that perhaps this town is famous for rice crackers and this might be a publicity stunt to attract tourists?

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turning the giant snack every few minutes.

turning as in rotating, or turning as in using the largest spatula in the world to flip the thing over?

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World record sized spatula should have been entered in the book. I am not a rice cracker fan, as they are too salty, but I think this was a nice event, even to bring tourists to their area.

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No suprise there. Not too many countries other than Japan in the running. Doubt you'd have a Guinness entry for "Largest Natto Feeding Frenzy" from Scotland either.

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Now, there is something for a nation to be proud of! Sembe-ist?

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If you took the average senbei to Guinness, wouldn't it win the record for the world's largest? I mean, how many companies are making senbei in the world? :)

And Disillusioned, that would be Best Senbei-ist!

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Should have used powdered Fukushima rice: it would have baked itself.

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Does it also glow in the dark?

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@JonathanJo: That's BAD! BAD BOY! (but I laughed at it anyway)

I thought it ominous that both this article and the article about the Gov't considering banning rice are positioned one right after the other in the national news.

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This is dumb.

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