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Drunk driving countermeasures failing: study


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but when on the road they are expected to self-administer a test and report the result. 

This part of the measures made absolutely no sense, anyone that is willing to drink and drive is also willing to lie to keep doing it, it is hardly a surprise it did not have any effect.

Overall, however, accidents involving commercial vehicle drivers have decreased by 82.5 percent between 2001 and 2012, according to the report. The fall is likely due to stricter penalties enforced for drunk driving.

In a perfect world this would not need to be necessary, education should be enough to make people understand, but in reality it is clear that harsh punishment is necessary, even if still insufficient.

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Commercial drivers aren't afraid of the cops, and many are underpaid. But, "Drink driving"?

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Have random breath testing like in Australia and carry it out not just talk about it! That will go close to eliminating the scourge of drink driving!

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They have random breath testing in Japan.

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Alcohol-related accidents involving commercial vehicle drivers 

Poorly researched and poor reporting here. For this to matter at all, there must be verifiable numbers included. Commercial vehicle drivers are hardly the biggest culprit for drunk or impaired driving here in Japan. It's the "regular" drivers that have the most accidents. Yearly statistics prove it.

This is a scare tactic article, meant to divert attention to the problems of drunk driving in this country!

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Blowing 0.02 is way too low to get those outragious fines ect. Should be 0.08 .or higher if I were in office.

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It’s amazing to me that commercial drivers register at the same rate as private citizens. I always assumed that professional drivers would have some professionalism. I have never been pulled over for a breath test in Japan in 20 years of driving. But then again I was naive enough to expect professional commercial drivers.

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0.03 ! Wow, that means I can't even have a cola, LOL

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""The study, published by a team from the University of Tsukuba, northeast of Tokyo, said current measures are insufficient and instead called for the installation of ignition interlock devices that prevent drivers from starting their vehicle if they are unable to pass a breath test.""

Sure, and the makers of these interlock devices will be sending many brown envelops to the university if they haven't already.

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It’s in the nature of humans to seek for a little pleasure as a balancing means during all those daily life problems or hard and long working hours. and all you woke deniers won’t change that. I still remember the former epoch when it was allowed to drink a beer or two at lunchtime or drive a car with a certain low alcohol level. And guess what, everyone was much happier then and the daily life hardships were better to bear if they ever existed and even the economy went much much better. You have destroyed the world’s basic structures with all your strange rulings, restrictions and all such, which are all unnatural and not fitting us human beings anymore.

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Random breath tests are only effective if actually carried out. They need to be prioritised by the traffic police, perhaps set targets for each officer and all drivers over the limit to be prosecuted. A period of zero tolerance on drink driving with automatic loss of licence on conviction as well as very heavy fines would rapidly change the societal outlook on drink driving especially if named and shamed locally.

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Oh yeah, the amount of "innocent" drivers getting drunk from "cola" and commenting here is amazing... Nobody is at fault that you can't control yourself and you must drink and drive. But don't believe everyone is as low iq as yourself to believe your "cola" story..

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Sven Asai

allowed to drink a beer or two at lunchtime or drive a car with a certain low alcohol level. And guess what, everyone was much happier then

Not the people you ran over as your reaction times were impaired by alcohol!

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Whether drunk driving countermeasures are failing or not do yourself a favor. Don't drink and drive.

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Don’t drink before driving.

it’s pretty obvious why not, isn’t it?

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"And remember kids ; Driving while drunk is not cool! Until next time!" - He Man c.1986

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