Japan confirms 99 more cases of coronavirus on cruise ship


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Well. More bad news. The ABC News Australia does not sugarcoat its words and calls the cruise ship a 'virus incubator'.

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So, at least 1 in 8 people on the ship was infected from one single sick gentleman. And that's with less than half of the passengers and crew being tested...

That's one hell of a virus.

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Whaaaaaat? Japan's response has made the situation just a little worse.

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Need to test all of the remaining Japan then quarantine. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t about the image of Japan or the potential loss of revenue from tourism. It’s about lives and getting this pandemic under control. It’s also not about who will pay for the costs. There will be a tipping point sooner or later. Do it now before it’s too late!

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Erase history on this jpdoday is nether like you have nether been here

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yoshisan88Today  07:17 pm JST

Well. More bad news. The ABC News Australia does not sugarcoat its words and calls the cruise ship a 'virus incubator'.

The media are hyping it up. All ships are "virus incubators" because they are closed systems. Japan had a choice of placing a quarantine on the ship risking infection of some 3700 people, or allowing them on land and risk infecting far far more.

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I can't believe Japan won't be re-starting the 14-day quarantine period on shore like other countries (US, Canada, Australia). At least one healthcare worker on the ship caught the virus, that means they could have spread it to other passengers part-way thru the original 14-day period. Even if the passengers are tested, the results might not show positive if they only recently caught the virus.

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OssanAmerica: "Japan had a choice of placing a quarantine on the ship risking infection of some 3700 people, or allowing them on land and risk infecting far far more."

Yeah, so they opted for the best of both worlds. Leave all the people in a petridish until there were several hundred confirmed cases, making it the largest outbreak outside of China, THEN decided to let them go, with other countries coming to do their part in spreading it. Anyway, I love how you defend the actions of the government when they very well just let people walk right off the plane into downtown Tokyo when the first flight came in from Wuhan, and hence now the domestic spread.

"The media are hyping it up"

Yeah, just like the Chinese media is doing.

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So are they keeping people there unTIL they get the virus??

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In my modest opinion it was an irreparable error to quarantine the passengers forcing them to remain in the ship. That's why the number of infected persons is increasing and will increase day after day. Even the US and Australia decision to evacuate their nationals was too late.

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The cruise ship is totally unsuitable for isolating individuals from cross infection. Ventilation is shared among the small cabins without the fine air filters for isolating virus which can be as small as 400nm. It is like trying to put a biolab with dangerous contagions next to a residential home for retirees abd using the same ventilation without any isolation in the air system. The sewage system also does not have sufficient isolation. Give the "quarantine" another month and 80% will be infected. The goverments must move passengers into proper isolation facillities.

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To be fair, there would have been outrage if they just let the passengers off initially. It's been 2 weeks and they only tested 1/3... They either sat on their hands for no reason or it just takes that long. And no one has considered that the passengers were positive before the quaranteen period, it's simply the testing itself that is slow.

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This situation has turned out terribly. It’s as if those on the ship wait to be properly incubated then dutifully carry the virus back to the US, Canada, Australia, etc.

They should have tested right at the beginning, separated the weak from the strong and quarantined the infected.

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I recognize the whole labelling of being sensibly concerned as being a hysterical panic mongerer, who is probably insane, but absolutely unreasonable, from the dark days of Fukushima. Then it was all eat the tainted food, or else you are crazy, and unpatriotic. Now it's ignore all sensible precaution and don't dare worry, and get behind these infernal Olympic games.

Im sick of being told what is acceptable to think, or be concerned about.

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Japan handles the situation a little bit unwisely. Instead of keep the whole ship quarantined with known infected people on board, it could be done wisely to take the ill out and separated them from the mass.

People shouldn't blame Japanese govt, but stupidity. The govt did the best, and acted better than most other countries.

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if you can't do the job, testing 3700 people were too much, ask for help to other countries, please ask for help, with this type of situation, there is no shame, there is no losing face. This is an emergency situation here.

now the countries are taking their own citizens, please take care your own, evacuate them out of the ship, separate and infected and non-infected to isolated military base or government facilities.

help you own people ASAP, rest of the Japanese citizen are mostly seniors in the ship , please do that right thing.

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Split and quarantine over and over until there are zero cases left.

That with groups of 300, then 100, then 25 based on their cabin locations. Quarantine each group far enough apart to have zero risk of cross contaminating the others.

Why isn't this obvious?

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On a positive note, I would like to advise people on how to protect themselves. Get cloves of garlic, ginger roots and wasabi roots (or paste) and grate them and mix into a paste the size of a gumball. Hold the the three ingredients in the palm of your hands and wait a couple minutes; then inhale and hold in your lungs a few second and exhale. Do this about 6 times in the morning, 6 in the afternoon and 6 at night. Cap in a container between use. Before going to bed put in water (or other beverage) and drink it down. All three have chemicals that are antiviral.

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There are false negatives and asymptomatic infections that is why they cannot effectively separate infected from non-infected, hence the quarantine. Just treating them all as infected is way more effective. Moving people from one place to another is easier said than done. It will just infect more people especially the medics, and then medics to their colleagues, and colleagues to their families, families to friends, and so forth.

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Like it or not, every day a new case is found on the ship SHOULD restart the quarantine clock! Folks here claiming its a "prison" and what not, have their heads in the sand!

The media too is over hyping it as well, as noted earlier ALL cruise ships are virus incubators, as well as airplanes and in a manner of speaking, taxis and bullet trains as well, along with a host of other transportation vehicles.

Japan did the right thing here! Look what happened with the other ship that was refused entry, they off loaded in Cambodia, and then found out later that one passenger had the virus, and all those other people from the ship could be carrying the disease all over the place.

This virus is different in that unlike the flu virus which just about everyone infected with the virus gets symptoms, this one does not show symptoms in all people infected.

So you never know WHO may have infected you if you catch it! That is scary!

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that's why you move people to isolated facilities such as military or government bases. do you think Japan has these facilities or not.

Why did U.S take their people to Travis AirForce base in California? to isolated these people from general public, and within the facilities , after testing,they will separate the infected and non-infected into different areas.

My question to you is , does Japan has these facilities or not, 3/4th largest economy in the world, top 20 military?

if you don't know, its no shame into following someone else, instead of going by military manual that few hundreds years old.

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My question to you is , does Japan has these facilities or not, 3/4th largest economy in the world, top 20 military?

Yes, it does.

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then use it, why are you waiting for?

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1) Nationality of the ship is the UK. The ship is operated by American company. Japan could reject it but accepted from goodwill. Which else country could do that? Why is Japan blamed? Those who criticize Japan now ought to have dispatched charter plane at the very beginning with foreseeing current situation.

2) The ship was holding show, casino, theater, party, etc even after ex-passenger turned out to be infected. It spread virus. Why nobody demands the company to excuse about it?

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Evacuating by what, mayor countrys of a large boat at the center of an island nation.....

and the outbreak being next door...

what you expect.... buess as usual?

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