Japan considers boosting Aegis destroyer fleet


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Good, a new attack carrier is also needed.

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Should go to 10. and a carrier. And a few cruise missile cruiswers would be nice. and a bunch of amphibious landing craft and support vessels.

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Japan needs to remember its history and refrain drom militariwm. These acts will alienatw thrnselves anf provoke all of Asia.

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A strong BMD (ballistic missile defense) would be a good first step. It is defensive in nature much like the one being set up in the Mediterranean.

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Good to see Japan planning on boosting its defensive capabilities, and so it should. But I think that just two Aegis equipped ships is too small a move. It should aim to have at least a dozen, to be safe and sure. Aircraft carriers and extra interception aircraft are important as well, to respond to aerial threats over than missiles (enemy jets and UAVs). But this is a start, and that's the main thing. I suppose China will be voicing it's outrage right about now.

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Go ALL IN or go home.

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Strength and deterrence policy is a must for the survival of Japan. There is a new chapter of history that calls for understanding, compromising, and healing instead of bitterness, exploitation, and extreme egoistic policy. Japan has learned her lessons and the concept of Japanese aggression is a non issue in 21th. century. Japan should increase high tech capability at all fronts as deterrence against all bullies.

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3 Aircraft carriers can do the job

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Military build up? That okay, no one will criticise us, we're part of the allied forces maintaining peace and order in the world from the evil villan. (Statment that is tanted with ignorance and bipartisanship.)

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

More money spent on destroying things-what a waste!

-4 ( +4 / -8 )

Michael Phillip Udem at Nov. 06, 2013 - 10:40AM JST

Which countries of Asia would be provoked by this? Please do not talk like all of Asian countries would be provoked. These Ships are for BMD and Japan's constitution article 9 prohibit to have any war potential which will exceed the minimum necessary level of Japan's self defense. Japan do remember its history and do need to protect its citizens. Tell us your opinion about China's defense building like carriers, ICBM and military exercises in the west pacific.

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The Chinese are building 10 new DDGS with Aegis capabilities. Japan need to at least much in VLS quantity and build/purchase 6 new ones from US. The best way of peace and stability is arm yourself adequately so the others will think twice about any funny stuff.

Then purchase a several wings of F-35 and Osprey will enable Japan to counter both the Russians and Chinese.

Abe needs to open up that wallet and triple the defense budget. Stop talking about what you want to do and actually do it.

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match* typo

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I want to see a few dozen Cruisers in the Japanese fleet, add some more punch to their already impressive fleet.

Oh, Article 9 I can't wait to see you stripped from the Constitution....

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I agree. Article Nine is outdated and needs to be ditched. Might as well make it an even dozen.

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I didnt see the news in Japantoday that our military has deployed missile facilities in island next to Taiwan. These islands are inhabited by Japanese but are closer to Taiwan than it is to Tokyo or Fukouka for that matter.

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People don't realize they are being played and manipulated in Mr. Abe's scenario to make Japan a powerful military nation once again free to attack any Country in the name of protecting their Interest.

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The feared arms race that so many in the past were forecasting is now in progress. What I predict will happen is that Japan will completely remove the U.S. security leash before they even know whats happened, then go at it alone. Japan is more than capable of building its own military and fleet, and will surpass China. Its taken China 50 years to get 2 carriers, Japan can build a carrier in a year? An "incident" will occur, and due to Japans skillful manipulation and removal of all restrictions on its military, they will be in the clear to once again dominate the region. Kitayoka is already hard at work; now Japan will be able to "defend" its neighbors as well as Japan. For the U.S., there will be a new headache in the region; Japan.

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