Court denies request to halt restart of 2 reactors in Saga


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If Japan's Judge prohibited restart of Nuclear Plants,

Its Judge has been demoted in Japan by personnel.

Japanese Court has no political independency.

One of prediction say:

Genkai Nuclear disaster will cause at least over Half Million evacuees.

Japan's Nuclear Plants' facilities and equipments against emergency situation are still provisional or unfinished.

but Japan Nuclear Regulation Committee approved restart.

Personnel of Japan Nuclear Regulation Committee is controled by government.

and Scientific fact in Japan had been distorted to protect industrial profti historically.

Punishment against organization or corporations is still nothing in Japan.

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Why is this not surprising, the government, and government alone, knows whats best for the people, even when the government is wrong.

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Much of the public remains wary of nuclear power after the disaster at Fukushima

Yeah, just under 65% of the public in the last poll. This is democracy, Japan style! I admire these people for standing up for what they believe, but they are shouting at deaf ears.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has aggressively promoted nuclear energy, calling it essential to powering the world's third-largest economy.

Actually, they should stop calling it 'the world's third largest economy' and start calling it, 'the world's fastest failing economy'. Nuclear power is not essential to powering Japan's economy. Even at their peak, they only provided one-third of Japan's electricity needs. While nuclear energy may very well put less CO2 in the atmosphere than fossil fuels, it is also the least efficient, especially Japan's ageing plants. Most fossil fuel plants use nearly 25% of the energy created in its production. However, nuclear fuel uses over 30% of the energy created to keep the plants operational and the fuel rods cooled. This is the least efficient of all energy production. This is where the real problem lies. Even though these plants are offline, they are still sucking up huge amounts of electricity for cooling and to keep the plants operational with no output. This also means that all the fossil fuel plants in Japan are generating extra electricity just to run the idle nuclear plants. This is why Abe keeps spouting off about how he needs the plants back online to boost the economy. It's totally daft logic! Most of these plants are approaching or past their decommissioning dates. All this is despite the fact that the one disaster in Fukushima will end up costing over 100 times more than it cost to build every reactor in the country. The Japanese government and Nuclear Power Ministry are not prepared to let go of the billions of dollars that has been invested in nuclear power. As a result, they are stubbornly persisting on getting as many plants back online as possible at the risk of contaminating the whole planet (again). I always have a chuckle over these reports stating 'area X' is not an active fault, but 'area Y' is. Have a look at Google Earth! The whole flipping country is an active fault! In the last 150 years, since accurate records were kept, there is not a single area of Japan that has not been effected by a mag-6+ earthquake. What is wrong with these fools?

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Whatever happened to the promise that they wouldn't restart any reactors unless it had the backing of the local residents?

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They keep electing them in so there's no consequence and no change

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Nonsensical decision.

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