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Court orders compensation for families of leprosy patients

By Mari Yamaguchi

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3 ( +4 / -1 )

370million yen for 561 plaintifs. Do the maths compare that to the 50million dollars that was given to Ivanka.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

This is a particularly disgusting example of HOW the GOVT treats its own! Truly shameful.

Same with Minamata & even more disgusting is how we see Japanese people REALLY treating their OWN with such un-describable ways. This is one aspect about Japan that is really scary & very much alive in Japan even today, we only have to look to Fukushima for a modern example of this nastiness!

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Quite right too, but sadly too little and way too late.

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On the surface Japan to many foreigners is some sort of paradise, as evidenced by their belief in the "hospitality" and "friendliness" of the people here, yet there is a very large dark side to the country that rarely sees the light of day and THIS is just one example of how the government treated and in many ways, still treats those that are ill here.

Anything out of the ordinary is treated as an infectious disease, and those who suffer are pushed aside!

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Two countries are notable for having had a policy of compulsory isolation of people with Hansen's disease. One was Japan. The other was the United States.


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