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Court orders compensation to 26 unrecognized Minamata victims


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The plaintiffs had sought 8.8 million yen each in damages against the state and the chemical company, Showa Denko KK, currently known as Resonac Holdings Corp, responsible for the mercury contamination in Niigata Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo.

Very tardy and insufficient justice as usual when it comes to the J justice system, Japan Inc. , LDP Iron Triangle.

Better than nothing for the long waiting victims though.

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A District Court Ruling, so expect an appeal to a higher court. This will take years to settle, by which time the plaintiffs will have passed away.

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The illness paralyzes the central nervous system and causes birth defects, but legal battles have continued for sufferers who have been left out of the measures.

The government has also maintained that the 20-year statute of limitations for damage claims has expired.

This is why I hate these large corporations and the J government that tries to let them slide.

Everyone who even slightly was affected by Chisso and Showa Denko should be flooded with apology money.

They poisoned, maimed and killed so many people by dumping what they knew was toxic chemicals and mercury into the rivers and bays.

There should be a price to pay and the govt. should make them.

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My first job after school, instrument technician involved the use of mercury. I was always very careful when handling it.

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