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Japanese court rejects bid to halt active Shikoku nuclear reactor: report


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Well, with the recent earthquake activity in the area, I can understand the concerns of residents on Shikoku, and nearby Kyushu and Honshu.

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30 years + nuclear reactor?


How old is too old?

I guess we won’t know until something happens.

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Japan needs to get all the reactors back up and producing electricity as before the Tohoku quake.

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This nuclear station was built on largest fault belt of Japan, practicable evacuation plans don't exist.

Japan's nuclear regulation is watered down by LDP regime and nuclear industries who prioritize profit than safety.

All nuclear plants of Japan have no quake proof design, those seismic resistance are inferior to even general quake proof houses.

Ikata nuclear disaster will contaminate extensive area of western Japan, will bring serious damages to millions people or fishing ground or agricultural area.

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Good decision!

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It's not IF it will happen again, but WHEN. And when it does, you can bet these operators will immediately fly to safety and say, "We could not possibly have known of the dangers!"

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Japanese judge has no capacity to judge.

Judge : is Shikoku Electric Power bribe good?

Shikoku Electric Power: The Bribe will be Oishi.

-7 ( +4 / -11 )

Japan needs cheap, clean power.

Japan is racked by earthquakes and tidal waves.

The decision has come down that what Japan needs is of more concern than the dangers from a natural disaster.

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Japanese courts are a joke and just a rubber stamp for the elites!

Out some serious impartial oversights on all these Nuclear bombs in waiting!

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Cheap power. Keep them running.

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