COVID-19 doctors in Japan lack fresh masks, hazard pay: union survey


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Absolutely Shameful.

This should be a priority.

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Same story over all the developed world, so what else is new

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Thank goodness Japan has flattened the curve and the 31,289 dedicated COVID-19 beds are at at only 17.1% occupancy.

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Hell's teeth, there are six essential medical professions diagnosing this and that, for the nations health and well-being in a space the size of Old Mother Hubbard shoe.

Risking their lives, and in essences their families too………Come on get a grip!

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Unions in Japan are simply government shills; they don't honestly work for nor represent the people. That said, it's simply mind-boggling that Japan is not prepared for this -- they have much fewer patients than the rest of the world (if you believe them), and have had MONTHS to do more, but here we are. This is what not doing testing or admitting to the problem until the Olympics stop being the priority will get you, I guess. And STILL the government responsible is to try and hope and pray it away.

-5 ( +16 / -21 )

but they got money for pachinko, and money to save face, and like little bits ready to thumbs down the truth , but you cant thumbs down the world, the world will put it where it fits japan's reputation is blown.

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Second Yubaru. Hazard pay for doctors? Why did one choose to become a doctor anyways? To drive the BMW or to actually try to heal and ease the suffering? Nurses, the housekeeping staff and the ordinary "grunts" do the work and get paid measly wages. Doctors don't clean the bedpans, change the soiled sheets, dispose of the trash, mop the floors, wipe down the hand rails and help clean up the deceased. These people need the PPE just as much as the actual care givers and abe squandered the time the rest of the world bought him. He could have ramped up PPE production, and procured internationally, but what was his contribution for the people during that precious time? The false hope for the olympics and his back assward mask that still hasn't been properly distributed because of QC problems, that's what happened. Good luck trying to get anything meaningful from this bunch. So doctors and doctors union, when it's election time, think long and hard before you cast your vote for the LDP.

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It is very difficult to believe that since January 2020, Japan still cannot manage its own essentials in the fight against COVID 19.

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None of these things surprise me. But if this is the situation for doctors, I imagine it must be worst for nursing staff as they are typically the first and last point of contact for patients. Their hours and conditions are the ones that we need to focus on more.

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Very noble profession. I think they deal with any surge by telling the ambulance to turn around and take you home where you will patiently die of natural causes.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

hazard pay? meaning a dangerous job?... hey, you do your job... i do mine... you work and get paid is better than me not working and no money for 2 whole months... be grateful and take the risk of what you do.

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Gosh, I got the two masks yesterday. I'm sure the 46.6 billion yen could have gone so much further covering the medical staff who are treating the victims of this thing.

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ask americans and uk doctors they will tell you the same story.......this world order is a joke by regarding china as a developing country. A country the world cannot survive without.

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Union??? Haha the union in my Japanese company sends us a newsletter each month telling us what management decided for us.... haha

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Abe should be telling Donald Trump to hand over some of the 10s of millions of masks that mysteriously materialized out of thin air. One day USA Today is telling us that the US has a severe shortage of masks, and the next day Trump has an overabundance. Maybe share the wealth a little with your “friends” Mr. Trump. Especially since most of your hospitals are empty and laying people off.

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The average pay for a doctor is 1.5-2.0 million a month

A nurse is 200,000~350,000

Nurses should be paid more, doctors earn enough already.

But we knew this 3 months

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A nurse with a masters degree and 20 years experience will be earning nearly ¥1 million / month.

Healthcare staff should not be wanting for any PPE items.

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"That said, it's simply mind-boggling that Japan is not prepared for this"

Of course, all other countries are better prepared!

"Nearly half of England's doctors forced to find their own PPE, data shows"


"How poor planning left the UK without enough PPE"


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Japanese hospital doctors on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic face tough working conditions, with many reusing masks

Too many people who don't need to be wearing masks walking around / jogging / riding bicycles outside with masks on.

and few getting hazard pay

The hospitals are telling the doctors "This is what we're paying. If you're not satisfied, work somewhere else."

That's what I was always told.

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The medical masks worn by doctors and nurses are different than the majority worn by people.

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The government says the numbers are dropping, and so, why the shortage of masks and equipment? I can tell you why, the only number that is dropping the number of testing and this is a fact by my Japanese doctor friend who tells me so many in the health care are so frustrated by the lack of testing and fearing for their lives and that of their families due to the lack of testing.

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Jay, the reason Trump has an abundance of PP masks, because he seized a huge shipment that was destined for Canada that had been ordered and paid for in February of this year.

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Finally, if there are not that many virus cases what happen to all the N95 masks that Taiwan donated a few million I believe.

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