Japan defense paper expresses deep concern at Chinese coercion

By Tim Kelly

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Well there's a surprise, just when we were expecting they propose marshmallows around the campfire.

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The Defense White Paper ......written on a roll, torn off, wiped, and flushed.

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"China has refused to recognise the ruling. Japan called on China to adhere to the verdict, which it said was binding. Beijing retorted by warning Tokyo not to interfere."

And yet, when Japan does it they say it's not the concern of any other nations. Go figure.

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Japan have called on China to abide by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which was initiated by the Philippines. But these same people are denying China’s rights under the convention. The view is that the convention does not cover sovereignty and territorial issues, yet the very subject of the arbitration is territorial sovereignty.

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Anyone thinking that China is going to abide by the rules at any point of time should realize that is time to wake up. China took the decision to steal the South China Sea and all the enclosed resources and the only way to prevent that will be to assembly an international navy to confront them. Whether the Chinese are running out of food and fuel, or want to control these resources in the sea, is the same result. They are not going to negotiate because that imply to resign a significant part of the resources to other regional states, and they want everything for themselves only. Additionally, they want to control the traffic in the sea, which also cannot be negotiated. So the countdown is setup and running.

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It's OK to steal land if you're on "OUR" side. It becomes a "cause for concern" when "THEY" do it.

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Japan defense paper expresses deep concern at Chinese coercion

Heh. Have they forgotten how brutal and coercive they once were when they occupied China?

Heh. The Chinese are conducting live fire drills in the East China Sea. What will the japanese do now? More tough talk? More papers? More hiding behind the US' flag? More Japanese protesting the US bases? Go figure-

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Re: It takes 50 pages to outline Japan’s deepening alliance with the United States, as Tokyo takes a step back from its war-renouncing constitution by easing curbs on overseas operations for its Self Defense Forces.

Yet the bases employ almost 90% Japanese Military Labor Contract employees (MLC) at our tax payers expense while the US continues to "reduce the footprint" and that is called closer ties? Please it is more of a US exit strategy early on, but not many are paying attention to the drawdown. For now things will be cooled down on the Constitution push movement, but does not mean in the future it won't change. That is reality. Why the slowdown, first as we read in JT about tightening security inside Japan and the passing of the Security Bill, that was the beginning, a small step and the calm before the storm. One step at a time and then BANZAI...

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Additionally, they want to control the traffic in the sea, which also cannot be negotiated.

They are not now and increasingly will not be, the only game in town. Economists put far too much stock in trading with China. Certainly its important but its like the other 80% of the planet doesn't exist.

One day the trading lane in the Indian Ocean linking up India with every democratic country in S.E Asia and Japan and shooting down to Oceania. If you look at the numbers, it has capability of being just as significant as that which passes through the S.China Seas. Also I suspect trade between the U.S and Europe will still be of some significance in the future. Not to mention robotics will replace a great deal of manufacturing in the future which will probably reduce net trade overall.

Its a big world out there and there are many, many countries to work with.

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Japan will destroyed if they go to war again. Just my personal gut feeling....

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Japan's defense position regarding China mirrors those of the United States and Australia. The only nation involved in the SCS dispute that wants any kind of war at all is China, with their military and population drunk on hyper-nationalism, just like the fascist governments of WWII.

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When posters mention Chinese nationalism, which definition of nationalism is intended? i.e. What is the 'nationalist' sentiment based upon? There are a few different definitions of nationalism...

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When posters mention Chinese nationalism, which definition of nationalism is intended? i.e. What is the 'nationalist' sentiment based upon?

The CCP's propagandist nationalism. There have been quite a few paid shill posters from China that have posted on this site trying to justify China's actions and land-grabbing. It just isn't bought by those outside of China.

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It's been reported that China is now threating to kidnap people in the South China Sea and hold them indefinatlly for passing through.

This is a serious concern for any ship transiting through the International Waters of the Sourh China Sea.

I hope the U.S. Navy is on Ready Alert for any kidnappings by China.

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HonestDictator - Yes, it is easy to 'see through' those postings. Rather comical, but also sad at the same time. Fortunately there are enough 'valid' postings to have a decent conversation about the associated article.

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One must question the mysterious 'sources' in some of the articles that are appearing, e.g. sources say that the Chinese military are chomping at the bit but the government is keeping them in check, etc. It is hard to imagine that the military there would be chomping at the bit if (a) they know anything about what they would find themselves up against and (b) if they have any knowledge of what war is like: but being that there seems to be a fixation on a war from 70 years ago, one would think they would have some idea in mind. Such poor attempts at manipulating the media and public opinion are rather sad.

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"Japan called on China to adhere to the verdict, which it said was binding."

PCA ruling 'island is a rock' verdict. Japan should be careful what she wish for!

This means Diaoyu/Senkaku is also a rock and only entitled to 12 NM since it is not able to sustain economic activities all on it's own. No more guano harvesting, all gone. So China can fly/sail up to 12 NM of the islands. Why is JSDF so aggressive when the Chinese conduct Freedom of Navigation outside the 12 NM border?

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I strongly believe that Japan will be an important factor for the safeguarding of peace and security in Asia in general and, Southeast Asia and Australia, in particular. Professor John Dower once classified Japan as the United States' Super-domino in Asia. I would like to add that, together with the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Japan will stand up as an effective peace keeper. I hope that the Japanese people will support Premier Abe and his defense policy.

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Perhaps other 'island questions' in the area could also be settled in The Hague as well. There seem to be several issues that require resolution - both north, west, and south/southwest of Japan. It is much less complicated when all play by the same rules. It would be a wonderful regional 'start' to such an exercise, if only China would play by the rules and set a nice example.

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I also would like to call for Chairman Xi Jin-ping's reasonableness. The PCA award of July 12, 2016 is binding and final. As a signatory of the 1982 UNCLOS, China must abide to the ruling. That's the game of international law that a Doctor in Law should adhere to.

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"It's been reported that China is now threating to kidnap people in the South China Sea and hold them indefinatlly for passing through."

You need to back up your charges to be taken seriously.

I would call whatever the Chinese do as Law Enforcement, not Kidnapping.

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You can't enforce your own laws in an area that is not recognized as yours by the entire world. Yea, that's kidnapping in the world's eyes.

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Then, can we call the recent Japanese detention of Taiwanese fishermen a few months ago Kidnapping when Japan enforced the self proclaimed 200 NM EEZ around Okinotori ATOLL? Which nation recognize this 200 NM EEZ? US? PH?

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Which nations are arguing that Okinotori Atoll is theirs?

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Logic defying question. Does anybody know what you are talking about? Ask your Taiwanese friends if they claim Okinotori, (a Japanese word) atoll is theirs.

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The military industry is kinda like a business and to look for money it need justification. China, Japan and US are not that dumb to go to war cause it makes no sense but problem is if not then how those military companies and such ensure their budget in good shape for times to come?

I'm not saying they are "acting" but it's kinda like opportunities where parties involved started to hype things up and giggles when those nice military budget figures started rolling in.

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Ask your Taiwanese friends if they claim Okinotori

Taiwan does not claim Okinotorishima, it is recognised by all as Japanese territory. The dispute is over the EEZ claim.

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