Japan detects no radiation following N Korean nuclear test


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Oh that's good.

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It must be not hydrogen bomb and just another atomic one. N Korea couldn't make it.

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Then the terrible conclusion can only be that the North Koreans have some kind of earthquake machine!

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Definitely, there was a test and all the pictures in the press point to a rather large mushroom cloud! Of course, there will be a consequent release of radiation; it is just that it hasn't blown this way yet......

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North Korea is like a toddler doing something naughty to get attention. They start to become irrelevant on the world stage and the only way they can get anyone to focus on them is to set off a nuke. Pitiful and petulant just like its dear leader. I guess it's the only way he can ensure nobody attempts invasion and the toppling of his family's belligerent autocracy. How do the majority of generally good people allow these despots to gain power and follow them. But I guess even if you cut off its head another just snakes his way in and the whole cycle starts over again to a new generation unwise to its disguise and so the cycle is self perpetuating. Are all Men truly corruptible? If so, there is only doom and gloom to mans future.

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According to experts, this test had the same seismic profile of the 2013 test, meaning it's unlikely this was a hydrogen device.

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You mean there's a chance NK might be lying about having produced a hydrogen bomb they can fit onto a missile? No way!

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I think it was a just a giant pile of tnt.

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“There was no particular change” so far in levels of radiation

I see what you did there!

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all the pictures in the press point to a rather large mushroom cloud!

Do you mean all those archive pictures of test nuclear bomb detonated in the air we have been feed during the last 48 hours ? Nobody has a mushroom cloud picture of that recent NK, the only 3 facts are a quake like tremor, NK leader announcing successful test & no radioactive fallout yet.

It must be not hydrogen bomb and just another atomic one. N Korea couldn't make it.

Atomic bomb without any radioactive fallout... sounds as legit as a h-bomb without radioactive fallout at this time. Common sense should be first to assess what really happened and then jump the gun instead of spreading unneeded fear to the public opinion, even if I the benefit some could get from it.

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They usually detonate these in a tunnel, if there was a mushroom cloud it could have been an airburst and 150m or so up and it wouldn't cause notable fallout because it was a tiny bomb (15kt I think?)

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Weapons of mass distraction.

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It's seems Little Kim's propaganda machine is working well. I'm still sceptical as to whether they did it or not.

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I've never heard of a H bomb in the kilo ton range. It should be in the mega ton range.

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Big bomb.

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North Korea bull**** us again.

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"Weapons of mass distraction." where is the next target?

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RE: Separately, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and his South Korean opposite number Yun Byung-Se agreed Thursday in a telephone call that their countries will “closely cooperate” with other key players including China and the United States in responding to the test, Japan’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Please, these countries can work closely in cooperating but the end result is the same, there is absolutely nothing that any country can do other than watch. NK knows this and besides Iran is funding them, while Russia remains a silent partner. NK is laughing and laughing knowing full well they can test and build as much as they want. China is falling apart their yuan is now questionable so not much they can do either shy of an invasion but the US wont' let that happen. The best will be the outcome was the explosion was a birthday present and that will be the end of that for now. The US experts are once again wrong in the analysis and will keep that hot air coming until NK succeeds but by that time it will be too late. Japan is best to save itself the embarrassment and just go its way.

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I agree with some other posters here. I believe this and at least one other past "test" were little more than a really, really large pile of conventional explosives detonated underground in order to create just the sort of plausible "what if...?! uncertainty that the international community is experiencing now. Just like the "million troops" ready to die for the Dear Leader. Yeah, there are a million of them, but the vast majority are malnourished and in poor physical health.

This is what the DPRK does. It lies and obfuscates in order to manufacture relevance in a broader world that cares very little about their bizarreness.

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It's highly unlikely that they have a hydrogen weapon. This certainly wasn't a successful test of one; at the very best, they had a hydrogen weapon whose atomic trigger went off, but the hydrogen part of the bomb failed.

Fusion weapons are ludicrously more difficult to build than fission ones. The mechanisms by which they work are NOT out in the open literature anywhere, and the designs of the 5 countries which have them are barely acknowledged. The NK's would have had to do a complete design from scratch, plus obtain a significant amount of rather rare elements, plus have considerable computing power to model the thing correctly. A fusion bomb is perhaps one of the most complicated things on the planet; certainly in the top 10. I'm going to doubt very, very, very seriously that NK has anywhere near the know-how and industrial base required.

It's actually much easier to build an ICBM than it is to make a fusion bomb.

Yeah, they're lying through their teeth. This was just another fission weapon.

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Underground test did not release radiation, hummm, wonder why?

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Occam's razor would say "no radiation detected because no nuclear test took place".

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Isn´t the H-bomb the most powerful weapon on earth? I am really curious Kim propaganda machine wants to top this one, now they have reached the peak...

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