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Japan detects radio signals pointing to possible N Korean missile test


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Whenever NK are due to fire a missile, I always check to see what Trump or Abe have done wrong.

I've yet to see just one photo/video of Kim snarling or banging on a podium calling the US and Japan allsorts.

Anybody get the feeling we are being taken for a ride?


We only believe because it's what we are being told. Who here can say they really know what's going on?

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Cue various headbangers calling for the DPRK to be destroyed.

The evidence of a possible launch is sketchy, to say the least.

But both sides must keep their respective propaganda machines well oiled.

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Rename these to "Abe wants to stay in power"

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when somebody gets too much grilled about Kake Gakuen the order is to spread some more fear... and the sheep look and run the other way.

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Would you please stop being obsessed with Abe or Trump?

Last time, 29th August, the ballistic missle flied across Japan island when Air France was flying near there.

And see what kind of constructive thing South Koreans had been doing at that time ?


There are 500 of them! And they say they feel pain when they see them.

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when somebody gets too much grilled about Kake Gakuen the order is to spread some more fear... and the sheep look and run the other way.

Sharp, I didn't even realize this myself.

My question is, if there is no movement outside the silos and Japan is the only one that intercepted these radio transmissions, I feel something is off.

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No-one said Japan was the only one to detect them, papi. And the North is adept at camouflage and subterfuge.

Today someone suggested to me that the US might shoot down the next one pointed above Japan, because Trump asked why the J govt did not shoot the last one down.

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Radio Signals ? As in "Kim FM" ?

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Japan has detected radio signals suggesting North Korea may be preparing for another ballistic missile launch, although such signals are not unusual and satellite images did not show fresh activity, 

In other words, even more empty noise to ramp up the fear factor to mask the failure of ALL ldp policies. When, oh when will the political apathy end so the country can have REAL democracy??

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NK would be truly foolish if they launched another missile towards Japan or Guam. You’d hear the same sanctions noises, but there aren’t many sanctions left before they have to put NK down

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Picture of scary weapon? Check.

Kim lurking menacingly? Check.

Inconclusive evidence that something might be going on? Check.

This smells strongly of a propaganda story for the reasons that other posters have already mentioned.

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As Nagasaki anad Hiroshima are thriving cities what are you afraid of?

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Japan has detected radio signals suggesting North Korea may be preparing another ballistic missile launch,

Naaa, probably NK truckies using their CB radio.

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"although such signals are not unusual and satellite images did not show fresh activity, a Japanese government source said on Tuesday."

Soooooo... there is absolutely no reason to speculate they're about to do it, then? Did Abe maybe do something stupid they need to deflect from that we're going to hear about and this is a preemptive strike to keep popularity up? Maybe Abe not quite getting the immediate support he needs to change the Constitution, and he hasn't lived up to his election promises and is feeling the heat? Maybe a new weapons package spending request need to be made?

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Seems to be the quasi-real deal to me:

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Yup, North Korea just shot off an ICBM with an altitude of 4000 km landing in Japan's EEZ. Makes all the anti-Abe comments on this thread look pretty ridiculous.

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We are thinking of you - our relatives in southern Japan.

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Whoa ossan before breaking out the champagne, missile launch misstep aside, can you name any of abes so called arrows that have hit their target? No? Then your statement makes as much sense as those arrows. Wake up man. NK today is not Iraq. It simply will not be bullied into submission without massive repercussions for this entire region. Wake up!!!

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This morning's news, that the DPRK really has fired off another ICBM in the direction of Japan, really ought to make many of the more skeptical posters on this thread sit up and take notice. This is not a con job by the loathsome Trump, it's not a political ploy by PM Abe, it's the latest in a succession of highly dangerous provocations by the most dangerous regime in the world right now. If you people are residents of South Korea or Japan, or even as far away as Australia, you should be taking Kim Jong-un's threats seriously. I worry that one day this idiot will fire off a missile and intentionally or not, it will land somewhere where it really does do harm. Then the crap will really hit the fan.

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NK launches the expected ICBM while the JT anti-Japan butthurt sobs continue to peddle this as fake propaganda.. It is high time we evaluate what value the NK agents here in Japan actually bring to the country and whether to continue the farce of accommodation

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